Electronic cocktails- Five minutes with Bloody Mary

We hurl some ill-conceived questions at a key European house music player, or as some like to call her the Queen of Dame-Music.

By Martin Guttridge Hewitt | Last updated 7 February 2013

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We hurl some ill-conceived questions at a key European house music player, or as some like to call her the Queen of Dame-Music, to discuss Zutekh @ The Warehouse Project tomorrow night, and how to mix the perfect hangover cure. 

bloody mary

She has played records in some of Europe’s most prestigious booths, whether you’d prefer us to reference Parisian institution The Rex Club, Berlin’s notorious Watergate, or London’s sorely missed (and irreplaceable) The End. As such, her decision to strike up something of an informal residency in our own hometown speaks volumes about the nocturnal pedigree of Manchester and its people.

If you’re yet to come across Bloody Mary then perhaps we should quickly rewind. Born Marjorie Migliaccio in Aix en Provence, France, her love of new wave synth stuff ensured she was well accustomed to drum machines and sequencers long before experiencing that obligatory rave epiphany and discovering dance sounds proper. Most people are pretty glad she did, mind, as her output and management of the much-respected Dame-Music imprint she set up in 2010 attest to an inherent understanding of what makes feet move.

On Saturday 2nd February 2013 the lady in question will arrive for an unarguably special date at The Warehouse Project, alongside dOP (making their Cottonopolis debut), Shaun Reeves, Levon Vincent, Dinky, Jackmaster, Oneman and more. The four to the floor playing femme fatale in question also has concrete plans in place to make Zutekh- your host party for the evening- a regular destination in the coming months, whether the crew are taking over that cavernous industrialist mega-club again, or sticking to their regular home of Sound Control. With this in mind, we decided to ask her a few questions in the hope of deducing exactly why our little corner of England is worth the effort, and what the future could hold. Eyes to the front then, please.



Hi Marjorie, hope all’s well today. You’ll be in Manchester this weekend for Zutekh’s Warehouse Project takeover. Based on previous experiences in the city, what kind of expectations do you have?

Hi there, I’m going pretty good thanks… I’m also really excited about Saturday- my first round at the Warehouse project. I’m expecting the same as usual when I’m playing for Zutekh- a good sound system and an amazing crowd.

The lineup is looking pretty weighty, is there anyone else appearing that you’re particularly looking forward to catching?

I’ve seen all of them already a few times. dOP live will be mint, again, always good to see them rocking the house.

You’re playing back2back with Adam Shelton, and have associations with his label One Records. How did you guys first meet minds?

We met one and a half years ago in Berlin, when Adam Shelton and Subb-an moved there. We started our collaboration directly because we have the same passion for the music and the same taste. To play together it’s always a blast. We have this alchemy that gives it a real plus. Adam is definitely one of my favorite DJs, so to spin records with him will be funny I’m sure. The boys also signed on my label Dame-Music last year and 2013 will see my first work on One Records. My remix will be out really soon and a full EP is planned by the end of the year.

Do you approach your DJ sets differently when sharing the booth with someone else?

I’m not really into B2B normally, because it’s really difficult to get into the same vibe. But with Adam we go to buy records together, and sometimes play tunes for fun at the same place. Basically we know each other. But I think when you share the booth with someone you have to follow, regardless of how well you know each other. It’s about not being selfish. That’s why the best B2B sets are by people who are actually friends playing together. 

In terms of your own imprint, Dame-Music, how busy is 2013 looking right now? Any releases we should be particularly eager to hear?

In June we celebrate the third anniversary of Dame-Music. The label is working well and I’m always proud to welcome new artists to the roster. Our Klub Klub Elite Vol. 3 compilation release has just arrived, and in April John Dimas will unveil his EP. There’s also plans for a first album by the end of this year- we’ll have more information soon. 

Finally, we’ve tried various suggestions already and have still been left wanting. Do you have any recommendations for the perfect Bloody Mary?

Haha I wish. By the way my favourite drink is tequila! Anyway, see you on the dancefloor… 


Zutekh and WHP Events present… 

Zutekh Warehouse Party

@ The Warehouse Project, Trafford Park Rd, Trafford Park, M17 1AB

Saturday 1st February 2013 

9PM-5AM (last entry 11PM) / £18.50 


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Levon Vincent


Adam Shelton

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