Emin @ Band On The Wall, Friday 29th May 2015

By Martin Guttridge Hewitt | 27 May 2015

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It’s not everyday an Azerbaijani superstar comes to Manchester. Even rare are the occasions when he’s also been voted Russia’s sexiest man, and arrives to entertain an audience that’s far smaller, comparatively speaking, than his usual 15,000-strong crowds back home.

Still, stranger things have happened.

Introducing Emin, then, a guy who dispels the theory that the only real pop sensations are born in Western Europe, the U.S. or Australia. After wowing audiences everywhere from the Winter Olympics in Sochi, to the Eurovision Song Contest in his home town of Baku, along with stadiums across the globe, he also garnered close to a billion viewers spread over 160 countries during the broadcast of Miss Universe from Moscow.

In the U.K., his reputation has also been building over the last 18-months or so, with a coveted album of the week on BBC Radio 2, along with two single of the week triumphs. The perfect accompaniment to LP number four, More Amor, which is the reason he’s winging his way to one of the most prestigious venues in our own hometown, and indeed the north of England.

Emin will play Band On The Wall on Friday 29th May, bringing Manchester’s month to a close with a taste of alternative pop music. Here’s a little sample if you’re interested; should it appeal we recommend making note of the aforementioned date.