Halloween at Manchester’s Newest Club & Music Venue

You might have noticed a new sign outside one of the buildings on Princess Street as your 142 drives past - well it's called Night People and they've got a pretty packed Halloween weekend set out.

By Ben Brown | 25 October 2017

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First up is their Dead Rockstars Halloween Special on Friday 27th October. Their regular Cherry Cola Club Night will be taken over by a bunch of dead rockstars, dancing the night away right up til 4am.

You can expect to hear some of the best rock and roll and indie since the dawn of time, including the Rolling Stones, The Smiths and Bowie – all while dolled up as a zombie Winehouse or chewed up Jim Morrison.

9pm – 4am
Entry only £5

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Then on Saturday, Night People will be combining two of the most on-trend Halloween franchises at the moment for their Stranger Things v IT special. Penned as the ultimate 80’s themed Halloween night, I expect you can hope to encounter plenty of scary clowns, all while dancing to some of them belting electronic tunes that accompany Stranger Things’ most exciting plot points.

I think what I’ll do is buy some plaster board from B&Q (£10), some fairy lights from PoundLand (one quid) and glue them both together and then onto my back to recreate the famous ‘letters on the wall’ scenes from Stranger Things and win some sort of prize. See you there!

Stranger Things v IT
Saturday 28th October, 9pm – 4am

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Night People, 105-107 Princess St, Manchester M1 6DD
0161 236 9266