Hurts at Manchester Academy 1: Review

Hurts one of Manchester's finest duo’s, Theo Hutchcraft (lead vocals) and Adam Anderson's (synthesisers) play Manchester Academy 1, the second of only three UK dates of their ‘Surrender Tour’. ‘Surrender’ is the follow-up to their acclaimed ‘Exile’ and 2010's ‘Happiness’.

By Manchester's Finest | 18 February 2016

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Hurts one of Manchester’s finest duo’s, Theo Hutchcraft (lead vocals) and Adam Anderson’s (synthesisers) play Manchester Academy 1, the second of only three UK dates of their ‘Surrender Tour’. ‘Surrender’ is the follow-up to their acclaimed ‘Exile’ and 2010’s ‘Happiness’.

We are presented with an intro; an arty industrial projection of ‘SURRENDER’ to the backdrop, either side is the ‘Academy’s 25th Anniversary’ banners, along with hectic beats pumping out. There is a huge sense of excitement. Screams from the crowd, welcome Hutchcraft and Anderson, they take the stage and launch straight into their most upbeat track ‘Some Kind of Heaven’.

The duo stand in-front of a large cage covered with a Black net, which frames the backing bands silhouettes. The boys rocking their usual slick style, dressed head to toe in Black.

Second track ‘Miracle’ the gig is already full of drama, as the net drops to reveal the band and the coloured strobe lights kick off the 80’s disco feel.

Beautiful people of Manchester” Hutchcraft greets the audience “It’s been two years since we have played here”

Every track Hutchcraft sprints from one side of the stage to the other, loving every second “Wonderful, Manchester, we came here to dance, sing and cry our eyes out! Here is one of the first songs we wrote.”

Anderson switches effortlessly from the piano/synth to guitar for acoustic sing-alongBlood, Tears and Gold’ the Academy is filled with emotion.

Are we all nice and warmed up?”

A sea of mobile phones wave above the crowd during ‘Illuminated’ Hutchcraft “Sing it Manchester” and the stage lights turn and illuminate the adoring crowd. It’s an impressive homecoming for the Manchester electro-pop duo that has their besotted fans overwhelmed with joy.

Further into the gig, the mood darkens; spot lights are on each of them for ‘Affair’ only vocals and guitar. The dramatic and theatrical lighting compliments Hurts’ epic sound throughout the track, then picking up the tempo for a more dancey number ‘Rolling Stone’. Energetic Hutchcraft “Ok time to dance, are you with me Manchester, it’s Friday night!

Ending with ‘Wings’ before returning for the encore, ‘Nothing Will Be Bigger Than Us’ and the most well-known track, ‘Stay’ the audience singing along every word.

Hurts provided a theatrical and fun set. Spectacular highlights of the evening include tracks such as ‘Blood Tears & Gold’, ‘Sunday’ and ‘Better Than Love’ and ‘The Crow’ off their album ‘Exile’  and ‘Rolling Stone’, ‘Why’ and ‘Wings’ off their latest ‘Surrender.’

Following the three UK dates, the synthpop duo head into Europe to continue their whirlwind.

1. Some Kind of Heaven
2. Miracle
3. Why
4 Somebody to die for
5. Weight of the world
6. Blood, Tears & Gold
7. Evelyn
8. Illuminated
9. Affair
10. Rolling Stone
11. Lights
12. Sunday
13. Sandman
14.Wonderful Life
15. Better Than Love
16. Wings

17. Nothing Will Be Bigger Than Us
18. Stay