JME, Liam Gallagher and Tyler, The Creator? Parklife Adds Another HUGE Name

JME will be presenting 'Grime MC FM' live at Parklife 2020.

By Manchester's Finest | 23 January 2020

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Acclaimed MC and producer JME is set to bring ‘GRIME MC FM’ to PARKLIFE and Lovebox Festivals this June.

JME is one of the most influential British MCs of his generation and an unquestionable figurehead of
Grime and DIY culture for the past 15 years. Unflinchingly independent and a visionary, his personality and music has blazed a path for fellow MCs and fans alike.

Ever progressive, having stayed out of the spotlight and away from social media for some time, his return to visibility came first with a UK wide cinema takeover tour where fans got to experience feature length output from JME’s new music and videos.

This was followed by the release of his album ‘GRIME MC’ in Dec 2019, an ambitious and unusual project with no social campaign, no press, no marketing, no streaming and no digital copies, flying in the face of current industry standards. In both instances, fans were driven towards physical participation with the music rather than virtual online engagement – a bold step and statement from an artist unafraid to do things his way for artistic integrity.

GRIME MC FM continues that theme of participation. Harking back to the days of community and sweat-soaked rooms, the format reminds fans of the spontaneous and unrestricted spirit that sets grime apart as a movement.

Debuted at the end of 2019, JME went up and down the country; selling music, selling merch and assembling crews of MCs who popped up on street corners and raves with fevered energy and non-stop punches from start to finish.

Far from being a throwback nod, GRIME MC FM is a live celebration of what started it all: the pirate radio and rave culture where the unforgettable intensity of each MC bar and listeners’ reactions lead the scene to what it is: a community.

It’s an acknowledgement of a uniquely British experience that flows deep in the veins of UK megastars of today from Stormzy, Skepta. Wiley,  AJ Tracey and beyond. Following the genre’s journey from the house party to the road to the club, and now – for the first time ever – to the festival stage, GRIME MC FM is the unadulterated live experience of a non-mainstream culture that JME was born to champion.

With appearances at Lovebox on Friday 12th June and Parklife on Saturday 13th June, GRIME MC FM will bring JME and a host of grime dons to the stages of both London and Manchester.


PARKLIFE Festival @ Heaton Park

Date: 13th – 14th June 2020

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