Manchester has just beaten a world record... for the largest B2B DJ relay EVER

There were 182 DJ's involved in the attempt at Joshua Brooks.

By Steven Pankhurst | 24 April 2019

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Last Thursday 18th April, when all you lot were gearing up to have a sun-soaked Easter holiday with too many bottles of cider, 182 DJ’s absolutely smashed a Guinness World Record at Joshua Brooks, playing the largest B2B DJ relay ever.

The whole thing kicked off at 11am and with a plan to get to 160 they hoped to beat the Aussies over at Stoney Roads music who held the record for 147 DJ’s.

By the time it got to 10.30pm the target had been battered with 182 DJ’s, including the likes of Steve Davis and Luke Unabomber, each having banged out hit after hit and with everyone raising a ton of cash for Mustard Tree and Share Tanzania.

They’re all now OFFICIAL world record owners. Very impressive. Maybe at least one of them will get to meet Kriss Akabusi now?

Joshua Brooks, 106 Princess St, Manchester M1 6NG
0161 273 7336