Manchester singer-songwriter GNA has just released her first video...

... and we think you should all watch it. 

By Manchester's Finest | 14 October 2019

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Although the idea for the song and video came from GNA’s weird and wonderful brain, the concept for ‘Serving Twisted’ was developed and brought to life by a collection of Manchester creatives, which is why it’s so special.

GNA graduated from Salford Uni in 2014 she spent a few years living between Manchester and LA working various jobs within the creative industry.

She’s been a photographer, a stylist, a receptionist in a salon… but when she finally decided to pursue her dream as a singer songwriter, she was able to call on the people she’d met and worked with over the past 5 years to help push her dreams into (a pink and shiny) reality.

When GNA first told us about her idea – “Ultimately the track is about a crazy character on a mission to find out if her male interest has butterflies in his stomach about her, whilst he sticks around knowing she’s a bit mental with multiple personalities.”

It seemed just about mad enough and a little bit relatable, but if you’ve ever come across GNA (she’s not hard to miss) you’d understand why.

Describing herself as “a unicorn riding goddess brought back from Norse mythology here to pass messages through popular culture” – she’s doing exactly that. The ‘Serving Twisted’ video combines a little bit of creative genius and a sprinkling of insanity from GNA and is a celebration of Manchester’s creative talent.

The Team

Director / videographer

Make up Artist

VFX Director


Models @tyw_o @kayeffect0161

BTS @emmaatrens

“Manchester has the BEST creatives, and I’m still overwhelmed by this lot believing in me and wanting to help. (Special shout out to the two poor guys Tywow and Kay for giving up their free time and having me practically hump them all day!).

Thank you to Midyawn on the beat. He sends me endless music and encouraging words. He truly believes in me and without him I wouldn’t have even started writing. To Zak Joshua on an incredible master and countless pep talks, I’m so lucky to have you.”

When asking GNA what’s next, well, world domination – and we don’t doubt it.