Mantra Warehouse unveils new sound and light rigs for Meat Free

By Martin Guttridge Hewitt | 30 September 2016

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The Ancoats venue remains ‘a work in progress’ according to our sources, but with the recent arrival of Funktion One sound for the main room, and more intense visuals than that bit in A Clockwork Orange, we’re eager to experience the next stage.


With September almost done and October showing its chilly, can-see-the-exhaust-fumes face tomorrow, the year is very much in transition. And that means the UK’s real party season is beginning, with more sessions worth noting in the next few weeks than you could hope to attend without the need for urgent medical attention in the aftermath.

One of the biggest we know of sees the all-female Manchester crew Meat Free (Blasha, Allatt, Lucy Ironmonger and Alice Woods) going toe-to-toe with a true techno institution. Mord Records has been responsible for a plethora of heavyweight, stone-cold classics since its inception in 2013, with decade-spanning electronic legend and all round total guy Bas Mooy (pictured) at the helm.

Tomorrow night- Saturday 1st October- he will be playing records in our own hometown, and brings three live acts from the imprint to Manchester with him; SHXCXCHCXSH, Sleeparchive, and Stanislav Tolkachev- all names that, although difficult to pronounce, you should definitely look into for forward thinking tones of the dark, proper, dancefloor variety. Tripeo, UVB, and Zadig complete the line up, but you could probably just abbreviate all that to ‘Get Involved’.

Mantra Warehouse, the venue being used for this rather solid looking soiree, has been through something of a change in the last few weeks. A Dutch-style locker system will be used for the first time at the event in question, meanwhile the main room has been given a sonic overhaul, with a new Funktion One system installed. Lighting wise, things are looking impressive too, with a sizeable projection screen and enough strobes to ensure nobody will really know what’s happening all now permanent fixtures (check Facebook for the videos). Everything in its right place, then, full details on the poster below, tickets here, but first something similar to what you might hear.