Meandyou @ Soup Kitchen

Manchester's underground tech-y institution welcomes a bona-fide man of the moment

By Martin Guttridge Hewitt | Last updated 28 January 2013

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Manchester’s underground tech-y institution welcomes a bona-fide man of the moment, alongside three respected Scandinavian experimentalists. Get on it. We probably will. 

UFO finest

Talk about timing. The city and its people have only just got over the worst day of the year whilst waking from that obligatory detoxifying start of the year slumber, but already the nocturnal offerings are too good to decline. Not least tonight’s most essential Northern Quarter option (and the finest in town).

With his FabricLive CD having just arrived, and people still wondering how many copies are trapped inside HMV, plenty of heads will be keen to hear Ben UFO headlining Meandyou. Not least as he’s bringing with him roughly six years of Hessle Audio label co-ownership, and a reputation as the most astute and dancefloor focused DJ to emerge from that imprint. You’ll find him on hand, no doubt playing what we like to call hulky hypnosis, at the Soup Kitchen. Impressively, that’s not all, either.

Less well known on these shores, it’s surprising Sweden’s Frak have never played the UK before, considering their recording career spans back to 1987. Known for wearing  analogue equipment, expect raw live production stylings, meanwhile we’re still pondering on the proposition of them wearing green lab coats and metallic headwear. Whatever your opinion on their fashion, though, we highly recommend.


Friday 25th January 2013

Soup Kitchen

31-33 Spear Street, M1 1DF

11PM-6AM; £7 ADV / £10 OTD



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