Modern alternative Mancunian band Cooper T releases their debut EP 'SAPIENS'

A collision of classic and contemporary sounds, including a single 'Original' that serves as a wake-up call to a generation of creatives.

By Manchester's Finest | 2 August 2023

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Manchester’s own Cooper T, the masked duo known for their unique fusion of Brit-indie heritage and future-facing sound, has released their debut EP ‘SAPIENS.’ Accompanied by the visually stunning music video for the lead single ‘Original,’ the EP stands as a testament to the band’s ability to capture the ominous sound of British life in 2023.

Signed to Foundation Music, Cooper T consists of Tommo & Jack, both highly versatile musicians who work seamlessly with traditional instruments as well as contemporary technology such as computers, drum machines, and synthesizers. Their sound is a compelling collision of classic and modern, influenced by Manchester’s musical heroes like LEVELZ, Broke n English, and Children of Zeus.

The ‘Sapiens EP’ showcases the band’s multifaceted DNA. From the mosh pit-inducing indie track “Getting In The Way” to the funk-inspired outsider anthem “Outside Looking In” and the jazz-leaning ode to humanity “Back Then,” the EP offers a dynamic audio experience. The release is punctuated with the CAN-inspired punk funk of the lead track “Original.”

“Original” is accompanied by a music video directed by Hyde Productions, shot in Ancoats. Reflecting Cooper T’s own lives, the video serves as a perfect visual complement to the song. Jack, one half of the duo, describes the song as a friendly wake-up call to a generation of creatives, urging authenticity and integrity in their work.

The ‘Sapiens EP’ was co-produced and mixed by Manchester DnB legend Dub Phizix, renowned for his work with LEVELZ. The collaboration between Dub Phizix and Cooper T is marked by politically tinged vignettes, adding another layer to the EP’s narrative. Upcoming remixes from Zed Bias, Chimpo, Dub Phizix, and Dogger are also highly anticipated.

Cooper T has already built a strong live following with their fresh take on live performances, known for their energetic and engaging stage presence. The release of this debut EP marks only the start of their journey, with the world just beginning to glimpse their expansive catalogue of songs.

The band’s lyrics offer a poetic vision of city life, resonating with a generation seeking meaning and authenticity. Cooper T’s music is more than entertainment—it’s a signpost for the times, a way to make sense of a complex world, and a danceable reality. As this generation’s soundtrack, they have all the elements in place to become an enduring voice in modern British music.