Review: Four Tet & Friends, Warehouse Project

The final chapter for WHP at the Store Street venue and this years season is shaping to be the best yet.

By Manchester's Finest | 16 October 2018

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Introducing a major feature of this year’s WHP, a set of daytime shows, running from 2pm til midnight, this debut daytime event is a chance to embrace a different energy, with DJs exploring new elements of their style.

The first of which is hosted by Four Tet – all day long, Kieran Hebden hand picked the days ten hour affair featuring Four Tet himself, playing two sets – one back-to-back 5 hour set with Ben UFO kicking off at 2pm, and a DJ set later into the evening.

Four Tet has selected some serious musical passion to join him; from WHP favourites Ben UFO and Anthony Naples, to rising star Josey Rebelle, who can explicate the links between anything from uptempo footwork to classic acid house.

It does feel a little bit alien walking under the Store Street arches at 2pm, but once you’re in, there could be a nuclear bomb and you would be none the wiser.

Its business as usual with Four Tet and Ben UFO opening up proceedings. These two are taking no notice of what time in the afternoon it is, their set is far from the usual calming loops used from Four Tets tracks.

Hebden finishes off their 5 hours with an epic remix of standout track ‘Planet’ from his latest album ‘New Energy’ the whole of Room 1 is in their element moving and smiling to the distinctive Four Tet ‘plucked strings’ sound.

As their set ends we catch our breath, it’s time to get around and see who’s on the rest of the bill. Room 2 hosts Willow. The local lass who’s been making big waves over the last 5 years doesn’t take her foot off the pedal either. Continuing a female dominated Room 2 is ‘Courtesy’ picking up where Willow left off, its non stop at this side of the warehouse.

Meanwhile over in Room 1 it’s todays only live act; Bathing, it’s no surprise that Hebden is a fan and the sounds much more of what were used to with plenty of melodious beats.
It’s hard to adjust from one to the coming off the back of Willow’s set, however, you’ve got to admire the skill of these two who produce a sound not too dissimilar from a Four Tet’s live shows.

Hebden has spent most of the year touring the globe behind his 2017 release a live version of ‘New Energy’, tonight we are excited to hear what he has instore for a DJ set.
Its 22:15. The moment everyone has been waiting for, and suddenly people make their way from the deepest darkest of the arches into the main room. Hebden is nearly invisible in the intimate and dark stage under the arch.

The show finds him pushing his material to the absolute limit as he unlocks the ways of his laptop and it becomes an improvising instrument in its own right. Hebden throws in some unexpected samples of pop songs from Beyonce and Ariana Grande, which pleases the younger lot of the crowd, everyone is singing along and adds a bit of fun to this early evening set.

Midway through he plays another one of his standout tracks ‘Lush’ from ‘New Energy’ its beautifully mixed and a joy to dance too, it’s a raucous hands in the air party. Hebden wraps up today’s event with his spine-tingling remix of Biceps ‘Opal’ which is the perfect finale track.

It was a beautiful 1 hour and 45 min set of music. No one can deny that Kieran Hebden – aka Four Tet – is something of a genius and an imprint on today’s British electronic scene.