Sounds From The Other City Festival returns to Salford this weekend

Taking place this weekend across 14 different venues in Salford, Sounds From The Other City showcases emerging talent among a vibrant community atmosphere.

By Manchester's Finest | 25 April 2023

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Photo: Jody Hartley

Sounds From The Other City returns this weekend, showcasing emerging talent across 14 different venues in Salford. This year’s event, marking the 17th instalment, will be held on Sunday 30 April.

Since its inception in 2004, Sounds From The Other City has been renowned for its focus on local promoters and emerging artists, helping to establish the event as one of the country’s foremost music festivals. The festival’s line-up for this year features a wide range of emerging artists, including PVA, Honeyglaze, Jessica Winter, Faith Vern, CURRENTMOODGIRL, Jelani Blackman, Halo Maud, and ASJ.

One of the most impressive aspects of Sounds From The Other City is its commitment to showcasing diverse genres of music, making it a great platform for discovering new talent. From the dystopian sounds of Hong Kong-based producer ASJ to the enchanting psych-pop sounds of Halo Maud, there is something for everyone.

This year’s festival will also feature a seminar of sex-workers in performance, showcasing the festival’s commitment to being a community-driven event. The festival organisers have a code of values that promote openness, inquisitiveness, and community connection, and they are mindful of making the festival accessible to everyone, regardless of physical ability.

Aside from the music, there will be a wide range of food and drink options available throughout the event. Festivalgoers will be treated to an array of street food options, including Dim Sum Su, Seitan’s Kebabs, Eat Like a Greek, and a special Sounds BBQ from Porta Tapas. Food and drink will also be available in many of the venues, including The Old Pint Pot and Seven Bro7hers.

Sounds From The Other City Festival
Where: Various venues, Chapel Street, Salford
When: Sunday 30 April 2023
Price: £40.95