Surco's Secret Location 3rd Birthday Party feat. Marquis Hawkes

Over the past 3 years, Surco has grown itself to become one of the most creative parties in the city and they've decided to throw a super-secret open-air party for their birthday this September.

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 7 August 2018

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Throwing unique parties submerged in wacky surroundings and stage designs, giving people a release from the negativity of reality… this event is going to be no different.

Headlining our Birthday Fiesta and flying in from Berlin, is the magician Marquis Hawkes. His music represents our sound down to a T and we can’t think of a better person to lead the vibes.

Also joining the party are the girls from Meat Free. They’ve been consistently making waves across Manchester with their stand out parties at White Hotel, Soup Kitchen and Mantra, now after witnessing the madness Steffi & Tasha caused at the Hills Have Vibes festival, we just had to invite them down. Here’s the full line-up…

Marquis Hawkes (Dixon Avenue Basement Jams / Aus Music)
Blasha & Allatt (Meat Free-Vinyl Only Set)
Jake Flory
Harris Howe
Daliso Ngoma
Surco Gang

Surco 3rd Birthday: Marquis Hawkes @ [SECRET LOCATION]
Saturday 22nd September, 4pm – 12am
Tickets: £10/ £12/ £14
+ Limited capacity After Party.
+ BBQ all day long

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