The Amazons at Deaf Institute: Review

he Amazons as seen on pretty much everyone’s ones to watch out for 2017, the four piece from Reading grace the Deaf Institute tonight at the back end of their UK tour.

By Manchester's Finest | 13 April 2017

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The Amazons as seen on pretty much everyone’s ones to watch out for 2017, the four piece from Reading grace the Deaf Institute tonight at the back end of their UK tour. Manchester’s Finest spoke to lead singer Matt earlier in the year about the work the band has put in to get to where they are now and how they are keeping themselves grounded. Their music has influences from bands like Foals, Rage against the Machine and Led Zeppelin, which is reflected in their sound and the way they play. The band formed in Reading in 2014 and consists of Matt Thomson (Vocals, Guitar), Chris Alderton (Guitar) Elliott Briggs (bass) and Joe Emmett (drums). The boys are still in their early twenties look set for big things.

The Amazons bring an impressive light show with them to the small stage, bouncing light off the Def Institutes oversized disco ball, they take to stage with the intro music fading directly into the band’s first track ‘Black Magic’ which sets a precedent for the rest of the gig. A high-energy opening and the venue erupts into life. The mosh pit gets started early which covers the majority of the venue with an inflatable shark bouncing off the walls, the lead singer is on his knees before the end of the first track and the band look like they’re here to have a good time.

Manchester throw your f$&%ing hands up in the air” the band continue with ‘Millions’ the Reading lads are going hard at it tonight and its easy to see that their high accolades are more than warranted. The carnage within the Institute continues through ‘Stay with me’ and ‘Ultraviolet’ for an up and coming band they have confidence in abundance.

Fan favourite ‘Burn my Eyes’ gets everyone singing and the night goes up another gear, everyone is making noise. Matt takes a minute to thank the first of tonight’s two support acts ‘Pale White’ “The sexiest people I’ve ever seen from Newcastle”. A new track for the crowd to sink their teeth into is ‘But Myers’ from their new album ‘this one is a jumper if you know what I mean’ it goes down well as we enter the business end of the gig.

‘Raindrops’ leads us into ‘Little something’ one of the bands heavier tracks and it sets up the gig perfectly for the finale, Matt is lay on stage with the crowd singing for him and its straight into new track ‘in my mind’ ‘ARE YOU REEEEEEADY’ which gets the biggest reaction of the night. A minute’s breather as the band plug the new album which is out later this year ‘Manchester this is our last one’. Chaos descends for ‘Junk Food Forever’ the whole of the floor is a mosh pit, there is people climbing on stage with the band and the inflatable shark is still bouncing. Security have their hands full and you’d be forgiven for forgetting it was a Thursday night. The band leave to cool down before returning the last song ‘Something in the Water’ the noise has not settled since they left. “Fancy seeing you here, we’ve been touring for two months and this has genuinely been one of our favourite shows” the band and crowd take the opportunity for one last party.

The debut self-titled album ‘The Amazons’ is available for pre order now and out 26th May. Produced by Catherine Marks who has worked with Wolf Alice, The Vaccines and Foals the album is sure to do well. The Amazons will be back in town soon touring the album, a must see set.

Black Magic
Stay With Me
Burn my Eyes
Night driving
Little Something
In My Mind
Junk Food Forever
Something in the Water