The Slow Show return to Manchester

When we last spoke with The Slow Show they were about to embark on a vast European tour. It is about to close in Manchester, so I get together with the band to find out how it’s gone.

Hi guys. The last time I spoke with you, you were about to embark on a hefty European tour. How did it all go?
The Tour’s just been unreal and far exceeded our expectations as a band. Most venues sold out which was great and the response to our music was so warm and positive we’ve returned to Manchester very humbled actually.

What sort of response did you get?
The crowds in Europe are very intense and seem to listen to every note you play which was lovely for us and I think suited our style of music really well. We played a lot of material from the new album which went do really well which was a real confidence boost for us as it was the first time we’d played any of the new material live.


On stage in Switzerland


Where did you like playing most?
We had such an amazing tour its hard to pick out any one gig. They we all really special and the crowds every night were amazing.

Did anything ‘interesting’ happen?
Our Singer Hannah managed to fall down a flight of stairs at a secret gig we did in Germany at the after show party! It was pretty serious for a while, she past out and really hurt her back but she’s fine now.


On radio in Zurich


What’s life like on the road?
Life on the road is as good as it gets really! maybe it’s because it was our first real tour but we absolutely loved it. The lack of sleep is the only down side but when the gigs are going so well it’s a breeze! We do have an amazing tour manager though. I think that really helps!


Writing postcards home


How did it affect you as a band?
Being away together makes you so close as a band, we’re all great friends anyway but the tour only strengthens that.

Now you’ve had success in Europe, is America on The Slow Show horizon?
It would be Lovely!

What is next for The Slow Show?
We’re straight into the album now, it’s due for release in the spring time so once the tours finished we’ll be absorbed in that really. We’ll probably have a break from playing live shows so we can concentrate on the record now.

Why did you choose to finish your tour in Manchester?
It was the obvious choice really. We’re a Manchester band, all our friends and family are here and it’s were the band formed. We’ve played in some amazing cities over the past couple of months but Manchester’s always a special gig for us and its always lovely to play in your home town after some time away. I think it makes you appreciate the people and the city even more and reminds you what a special place Manchester is!


I think it makes you appreciate the people and the city even more and reminds you what a special place Manchester is!


Are you looking forward to your Manchester show? And why?
Really looking forward to it! We’ve got a big after show planned and it’ll be so nice to finish the tour in Manchester, a city we all love dearly and with people who have supported the band over the last year or so.


Find out more about The Slow Show here or see their Facebook page. Buy tickets to the show at Roadhouse on  13th December  here.

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