There's a Non-Stop Taylor Swift All Nighter coming to Manchester

'Swiftogeddon' will be playing endless Swift throughout the night

By Ben Brown | Last updated 12 July 2019

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Taylor Swift. Taylor bloody Swift. Swifty. The Big Swift. The Swiftmeister General. Personally I don't see why so many people like her - but like her they do.

Okay, I CAN see why they like her. First of all she's a strong independent woman who takes no shit off of blokes. She also has a team of people around her who buy her clothes and so she's quite the style icon.

There's also the little fact of her catchy pop songs too - the kind of tunes that you'd hear on Radio One 27 times a day (slotted in between all the Lewis Capaldi) - such as 'Shake It Off', 'Saturday Night', 'Skater Boi' and more.

Fans of Swifty will be buzzing to hear that an all-nighter is coming to Gorilla this Saturday 24th August. Featuring non-stop Taylor Swift tunes they'll be mixing things up with some deep cuts and extended mixes alongside all the usual hits (probably so that you don't go fucking crazy).

What was once considered a torture technique in some parts of Guantanamo Bay is now what is surely set to be a very popular (and a very fun) evening for all. Get your tickets as soon as you can!


Non-stop Taylor Swift All Nighter

Venue: Gorilla
Date: Saturday 24th August
Time: 11pm
Cost: £7

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Gorilla, 54-56 Whitworth St, Manchester M1 5WW
0161 826 2998