Two Cities United in New Music Video ‘The City’ by Raw Tape, filmed on Tib Street

These local Manchester creatives teamed up with Glasgow artist and producer Inkke for his latest music video.

By Manchester's Finest | 8 April 2020

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Glasgow based director Raw Tape has teamed up with local Manchester creatives to direct the new music video for Glaswegian artist and producer Inkke. Shot entirely within Manchester’s Northern Quarter, the video features a male lost in an urban landscape trying to escape the gritty reality he is amongst.

Originally meeting at Cardinal Newman College in Preston, the group united to form a native Preston crew to produce the film, with dancer and choreographer Tom Heyes; photographer Tom Mckean; stylist Chris Henderson; director Rory Wood; and with help from Manchester’s own @onenorff as assistant.

‘The City’ is the first new music release from Inkke since August 2019. A raw yet melodic jungle track that encompasses new sounds and samples drizzled over those heavily syncopated percussive loops of jungle music.

The young Scot boasts a broad sound palette, he comes from the same club scene as Hudson Mohawke, Rustic and S-type, and has close ties with fellow Glaswegians at LuckyMe; of which he used to run the LuckyMe radio show for two years on Rinse FM, proudly repping Glasgow from the London station.

The video is primarily shot on Tib Street and key locations can be spotted to those who are familiar with the area – such as The City pub and that random New York cab down the alley – in addition to the visual effects filmed in and around the rest of the Northern Quarter. Heyes perfectly executes an authentically Butoh inspired performance throughout.

Raw Tape’s style and cut allies the track in many ways that Manchester allies Glasgow culturally.

Watch the full video here and  follow Raw Tape on on Instagram.