This week on Home Concerts: K.I.M.E, CEEOW & Himalia

Grime from a South Manchester bedroom and a blend of hip-hop funk from an adopted Manc's living room.

By Manchester's Finest | 5 May 2020

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Although primarily recognised for his Grime music, K.I.M.E (King In My Element) is equally as fluent on Rap/Hip Hop sounds and wouldn’t limit himself to any one genre. He is well known for his razor-sharp delivery and hard hitting lyrics. He often operates alone but has forged a deadly alliance with fellow Mancunian artist P1Caps who he released a joint Grime EP with entitled ‘ShellyAnn Season’ which you can find on all major streaming platforms.

Home Concerts:

Tuesday 5th May, 7:30pm on Manchester’s Finest Facebook Live

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The Birmingham born, adopted Manc, CEEOW is heavily influenced by the 00’s U.S hip hop golden era and the core of UK underground music. He blends this with his own unique funk flow and his debut EP released last year Sofar serves as the perfect introduction to his soulful sound – just what you can expect to hear from his Home Concert performance this Thursday. Himalia, a producer who has established himself in the heart of the ambient electronic scene, will be alongside CEEOW. The two intend to demonstrate some of the styles and flavours the pair have cooked up together in a gear up for a serious set of releases this summer.

Home Concerts:
CEEOW + Himalia

Thursday 7th May, 7:30pm on Manchester’s Finest Facebook Live

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