Sunday Roast at Volta

Anywhere that’s good enough for people to be unsure as to whether Prince did or did not go there once, is good enough for me.


Volta is West Didsbury’s latest eatery & bar and has to be said right off the bat it’s my new favourite. After leaving the relative safety of the City Centre (eaterie speaking) just over a year ago I now reside about 15 minutes away from the afore mentioned so spend a lot of time down that end of South Manchester. West Dids has a lot on offer already there’s no getting away from it, but to my mind until now didn’t really have anything that was just right.

The chaps behind Electrik bar in Chorlton – Justin & Luke, have excelled themselves with Volta and I don’t say that lightely. The bar is stocked with quality and the bar itself is an impressive sight.

So onto the Sunday Lunch – “the platter is definately the way to go” was the advice of our watress so that’s exactly what we went for.

Poussin, Roast Beef and Roast Pork with all the trimmings and much to my delight all served on, wait for it, a warm serving plate! No blocks of wood in sight.

The meat was fantastic with the pork stealing the show for me, the mash was creamy and gravy was thick and tasty. My only comment was the meat could have been a tad warmer but that could just be a preference thingand regardless all tasted great.

For dessert we went for a slice of Battenberg and piece of Chocolate, Fruit & Nut Cake. Both were great and served up with a bit of finest squirty cream, lovely jubbly.


In short I’d definately recommend Volta for your Didsbury Sunday Roast and I’m inclined to agree with the waitress, order the platter.

167 Burton Road, West Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2LN
0161 448 8887 /

Opening Times:
Tuesday – Thursday 5pm while midnight
Friday 4pm past midnight
Saturday midday past midnight
Sunday midday while midnight
Monday closed





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