Best Things We Ate and Drank This Week: 14th February – 20th March 2020

There's (naturally) been a lot of takeout this week - but not all of it...

By Manchester's Finest | 20 March 2020

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Tiffin Take Out
Nowt better than a curry is there? And if you can enjoy it in the luxury of your comfies on the sofa so you can dribble all down your face without anyone judging you. And it goes without saying Zouk are the kings of curries – so obviously get involved! – Petr Kaiser


Reuben Poutine
Blue Caribou
Cheese, chips and gravy is basically the only way to get through hump day and that I did. This week we’ve been out and about seeing who is open, naturally, we headed straight to the Arndale Market to get what could be our last fix for a while if we all end up stuck at home. Absolute 10/10 get down this weekend before they shut up shop or start queuing now for when they open back up again. – Gabby Ball 


Surf & Turf 
Salt & Pepper


This might sound boring because it literally is just a giant Tupperware of eggs but Foundation decided to sell up their stock to make sure it didn’t go to waste. Obviously I opted for as many eggs as I could get my hands on as it’s basically 82% of my diet. Keep up to date to see what I do with them. – India Morris


Cheese & Onion Pie
The Bay Horse Tavern
You can now get the ultimate pub experience in your own front room as everyone’s favourite boozer becomes available on Deliveroo. They’re offering up their pub grub classics including their outstanding pies – with the best chips in the world and gravy thicker than Forrest Gump. Game changer this. – Ben Brown


Chicken Breast
Peck & Yard
A big old chicken feast, my absolute favourite was the deep-fried chicken burger coated in K-Bom saucey-sauce. Stuff it all in my face I want to eat it forever. Luckily they’re on Deliveroo so you can get it until we’re no longer allowed out! – Ellie Edginton