Byron Burgers: Review

Coming in somewhat on the tail end of the "Manchester Hamburger Scene" Byron is by no means a young pretender.

By Lee Isherwood | 20 June 2013

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I mentioned in my original & slightly gushing post that I was quite looking forward to Byron Hamburgers opening in Manchester. Well last week it did.



Coming in somewhat on the tail end of the “Manchester Hamburger Scene” Byron is by no means a young pretender. Firmly routed in London’s most progressive & therefore ‘coolest’ districts Byron carved out not only an ownership of a niche offering, but a president on how to do 1 thing and do it very well. Trailblazing what has now become an industry mantra for all the forward thinking venues. Granted having a “signature dish” is nothing new, but making an entire genre your signature & exploring the nuances within that genre is a whole different thing.

Byron have also worked with the Camden Brewing Co. and developed a set of perfect accompanying Ale and Lager. Enthusiastic about the lager in particular Tom Byng (Byron founder and owner) was keen to discuss the use of cans over bottles and the quality that can now be achieved, he wasn’t wrong. A great set of tipple.


So why go to Byron over some of Manchester’s more routed burger joints? SoLita offers an insane gut busting Man vs Food style approach (which I love), Almost Famous offer an ever changing themed array of weird & wonderful combinations (which I also love) and Byron offer a grounding, for me the difference here is simplicity. It’s not dripping with grease, it’s not to big to wrap your chops around and it’s not falling apart in your hands. It’s a good quality burger with a few well considered combinations on offer.

With now over 30 restaurants Byron is getting pretty big, chatting with Tom he acknowledges this and embraces it whole heartedly,

“There’s no pretending here, we’re a chain, but we’re a chain done very well”

And I’m inclined to agree, this is no Wetherspoons Burger & a Pint for £5 type of chain, this is an independent venture that has built its successes on the quality of it’s offering, belief the dedication to the cause by it’s staff.

Check out Byron and see what you think. My advice is order the Byron Burger, it’s the best one, it’s why they put their name to it.


Byron Manchester
115 Deansgate
M3 2NW

Opening hours:
Mon – Thu: 12.00-23.00
Fri: 12.00-23.30
Sat:11.00 -23.30
Sun: 11.00- 23.30