How to Make the Most of your first Weekend in Tier 3

Including bottomless brunches, huge burgers, takeaways and weekend walks...

By Ben Brown | 23 October 2020

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Bottomless Brunches Galore!

There has been an impressive increase in the number of establishments offering Bottomless Brunch over the last few weeks, and this is set to continue well into Tier 3. Nothing beats heading out on a Saturday morning into town, tin of Red Stripe on the tram and rocking up for some Brunch at 11.30am. Add a couple of hours’ worth of unlimited drinks and by 3pm you’re pretty lit and have THE best time ever!

NAM’s new Bottomless Brunch // Breakfast Bánh Mì

This weekend you’ve got the choice of SO many bottomless brunches that the only hard thing is actually deciding which one to get involved in. There’s a brand new waffle-based one at Cane & Grain, bottomless pizza and booze at Crazy Pedro’s, a bit of posh over at The Lowry Hotel, Vietnamese bottomless at NAM and there’s even an Indian Bottomless Brunch over at Zouk. Go and enjoy yourselves.


Go for a Weekend Walk

We love our walks here at Finest and so do many of you – so why not get your boots on and get out into the lovely countryside this weekend? Tier 3 restrictions don’t stop you from being able to go out and enjoy the outdoors, and there are loads of great walks and some truly stunning scenery in and around Greater Manchester.

The lovely Saddleworth Moors // @TalkSaddleworth

A bit of exercise and some peace and quiet will be very good for your health and mental health too – especially with all of this shite and depressing news flying around all over the place. Take a break from it all and perhaps try one of these walks that we’ve elegantly put into a list for your reading pleasure…

The Best Walks To Enjoy Around Manchester (While Still Social Distancing)

Take advantage of Tier 3 Deals

The bars and restaurants of Manchester have truly stood up and decided that Tier 3 won’t be the end of them – coming up with all manner of deals and offers to entice people out of their houses and into their venues. This means that you can get some truly excellent food and drink for next to nothing.

Unlimited wings, fries and booze for £25 at Bunny Jacksons

Pedro’s are doing pizza slices for 25p, Sammy’s are serving up sandwiches, you can get unlimited wings at Bunny Jacksons and even Common have become a ‘Family Pizza Restaurant’ for the foreseeable future. There’s pop-ups, kitchen takeovers and loads more all around the city – so now is the time to perhaps try something new and embrace the ‘substantial’ food offerings in Manchester.


Socially Distanced Events & Gigs

Theatre, live events and gigs are still ON during Tier 3 and so there’s nothing stopping you from going out and supporting the city’s local artists and performers. YES have a long list of FREE cinema screenings and live gigs, and HOME are continuing their screenings, theatre and Black History Month.

Home is back!

Basically it’s business of usual in the arts world – so go out and get some bloody good culture in you!


Have a Night In (with a takeaway)

It pains me to say it but there’s actually a lot of decent stuff on telly at the moment. Well, online telly – not proper telly – that’s still shite. Friday saw the release of the new Borat film on Amazon Prime – which is apparently really, really good, so you might decide that you want to spend your first weekend in Tier 3 at home in front of the box.

The Lowry Hotel’s Roast Dinner delivery service

That’s perfectly fine of course – but you’re going to need some food and drink and so what’s better than getting in a takeaway from your favourite Manchester independent? Nothing. Don’t bother putting more money into that Domino’s piggy bank – give a proper Mancunian business you money and keep the cogs turning and the lights burning. Personally I’d order myself a couple of posh kebabs from BAB, a crate of lagers from ShinDigger and slob out for hours – the perfect Sunday afternoon.


Go Shopping for some Clobber

Saturdays back in the 90s were always for going down the high street to find yourself some clobber. Stolen from Ivor was usually the gaff, or the Tommyfield Indoor Market for some knock off Naff-Naff gear – spend a tenner and that’s your outfit sorted for the next week or so.

Hoyden Clothing // Afflecks

Well, things have certainly changed in recent times, especially with Jeff Bezos knocking about, but luckily Tier 3 doesn’t affect shops at all – so you can still go out to your local independent clobber store and get some nice threads. Perhaps there are some new trainers at Oi Polloi, or a new dress in Afflecks – everywhere is still open and ready for you.


Have a Challenge

With this new set of restrictions being labelled into ‘tiers’ it was always inevitable that people would start riffing on the idea and come up with some truly monstrous 3-tiered dishes. Well, it’s happened and there are now plenty of huge burgers that you can try and destroy in front of your friends and loved ones.

The most famous is probably the 3-tiered ‘Boris Burger’ at The Spinn in Gatley. It’s a huge tower of a thing and if I’m being honest I can’t for the life of me find out what’s on it – but it’s massive.