It's Here! Finally! The Gym where you can POWER NAP!

It's what I want to do in the gym. It's what you want to do in the gym...

By Manchester's Finest | 8 December 2020

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GSquared Health Clubs, set to launch in the historic Royal Exchange Arcade in January 2021 has been called the city’s “most innovative gym concept” for a variety of reasons.

First of all, there’s their ‘multi-faceted approach to fitness and wellbeing’ meaning each member goes through an extensive 7-stage member induction. There’s the indoor climbing wall, treatment rooms, Infra-Red saunas and now… a Sleep Pod!

The brainchild of GSquared’s CEO Andy McGlynn, the Sleep Pod goes a couple of steps further than the usual ‘relaxation spot’ of many health clubs, allowing members to escape the city for a moment of calm or indeed an actual POWER NAP – letting you take it easy, rest and get some well needed shut eye.

Nap time!

Apparently a study by NASA has claimed that even a 26-minute power nap can lead to an increase of productivity by 34% – making the Sleep Pod the perfect solution for fatigued, Mancunian city-workers. Andy commented; “For too long, gyms have been known for a 1D approach to health and fitness through the means of exercise. But what if your body isn’t ready for an intense workout but more of a ‘work in’?”

“We want to be different and support our members in their overall health, wellbeing and performance in and out of the gym. It’s the missing link to really helping people invest back in themselves without the warped idea they have to throw themselves and their already stressed body into a workout before its ready to do so.”

GSquared’s CEO Andy McGlynn

This Sleep Pod is just one of the innovative spaces to launch at the new health club. Within the 12,000 sq ft of innovative training space there’s also a studio offering holistic studio sessions, in addition to the usual high intensity classes. There will also be dedicated treatment rooms for sports massage and sports rehabilitation therapies.

As you’d expect from a gym, there’s a sauna within each of the changing rooms. However, as with every component of GSquared, this is an enhanced offering; an Infra-Red sauna, which is known for expelling more transdermal toxicity than standard saunas, resulting in clear and tighter skin, as well as assisting with deep relaxation, enhanced detoxification and a boost in immunity, and delayed onset muscle soreness.

GSquared’s front of house mirrors that of a five-star hotel; a serene foyer with an aquarium, waterfall and gentle classical music playing. This is the holistic hub of GSquared, where the Sleep Pod and treatment rooms are located. From here members can enter the innovative gym space, where opulent interiors meet cutting-edge innovation.

With a multi-faceted approach to fitness and wellbeing – GSquared is a revolution in the gym scene. This is the future of gyms, as GSquared focuses on the conditioning and balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components of its members.

The journey starts at induction, with its 7-stage member introduction – ‘YouSquared’ – the most advanced gym induction in the world, including body composition analysis, spinal alignment, full health and wellbeing analysis and more.


Membership tiers available at GSquared Health Clubs include: Executive at £95 per month, Platinum at £150 per month and Platinum Plus at £225 per month.

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