Jodrell Bank to get spectacular new £21m Exhibition Space & Gallery

Set in the gardens below the Lovell Telescope, it will also contain a HUGE auditorium and a cafe.

By Lee Isherwood | 22 March 2019

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There’s due to be a huge bit of redevelopment down at Jodrell Bank and looking at the pictures – it’s going to be a beauty!

Designed by architect HASSELL Studio, the project looks set to start later this year and is expected to be completed in Spring 2021.

The First Light Project aims to conserve and restore the heritage of Jodrell Bank and create a spectacular new interpretation space in which visitors can engage with and learn about the site’s fantastic stories, amazing feats of post-war engineering, and the creation of the Grade-1 listed Lovell telescope.

This exciting next chapter for Jodrell Bank will transform the Discovery Centre into a first-class attraction and will acknowledge Jodrell Bank’s world-leading place in the history of astronomy.

The First Light Pavillion itself will be constructed in the gardens of the centre, and will host an exhibition gallery, education areas, a projection space and a new cafe.

The Exhibition Space will allow visitors to engage with the stories of the amazing scientists and engineers who have worked at Jodrell Bank over the years, and whose stories continue today.

This innovative and interactive new gallery will include displays, objects and artefacts from the site’s rich history and will incorporate the fabric of the original 1957 surface of the Lovell Telescope.

Archive footage and large-scale projections will animate the exhibition and bring the past to life.

For more information on the project, head on over to the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre website.