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Adam John-Stockton & Jon Wilsdon talk colour, style & artistic direction in Manchester

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 13 March 2012

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In the grand schemes of beauty regimes, hair is number one on my agenda. I think icons such as Cheryl Cole, Rhianna & Jennifer Anniston have proved that gorgeous locks are key to ones beauty and take the eye to your beautiful mane as oppose to your other flaws.

I therefore feel it is essential whether Princess or not to choose the most excellent, most finest Hairdresser in your area and to who better to talk to than Manchester’s Finest Hairdresser’s.

Adam John-Stockton, Colour Expert and Winner of Hair Idol L’oreal 2010 & Jon Wilsdon Artistic Director for shows such as Britains Next Top Model & London Fashion Week; have come to talk to Princess Retail about everything from hair faux pas, THE trends for 2011 and much more.

I’ve chosen the venue of Room where Happy Hour has started and we swiftly venture to the bar ordering French Martini’s & Cosmo’s (oh Ms Bradshaw would be proud) and what better way to get out of these fabulous Hair God’s the do’s and don’ts of hair for 2011, than liquoring them up!

So after the first sip of fabulous cocktail the Princess starts her interrogation…….

So Gentlemen I think the first question on any girl’s lips is what are the key trends for hair in 2011?

Adam: As the colour expert I feel inclined to bring up the Alexa Chung hair style EVERYONE has been copying. Step away from this harsh technique The key here is to go back to the roots and move away from the extreme. This originated from French Balayage. (Immediately cut to Princess Retail googling the life out of Balayage so at least I can nod along!). See the new French Vogue Editor for ideas. For styles etc Parisian Chic is essential; don’t blow dry and think easy- going, barely tried.

Jon: With regards to styling keep it natural. Simpilicity to make the biggest impact! If you are looking for something different Braiding was very big on the catwalks.
Whose Celebrity Hair in your opinion is Oh So Fine?

Adam: Female has to be Emmanuelle Alt the French Vogue Editor or Lara Stone. For Male definitely Orlando Bloom (*Princess Retail Swoons!*).

Jon: Female; Julianne Moore in A Single Man. And for Male my ultimate icon James Dean!

What are the best and worst trends in Manchester? (hint hint readers steer clear of the worst from now on!)

Adam: The best trend I am being asked for at the moment has to be grown out hair styles, no layers but perfectly styled. The easiest way to describe for readers is think of what your hair looks like 4-6 weeks after you had it cut. The worst trend has to be highlighting with block bleaching. (I have to point out at this stage Adam did Princess Retails hair like this last year; he immediately points out “Exactly; how 2010!?”) So boring and the roots become really prominent quickly.

Jon: The best trend I am asked for in Manchester is the Emma Watson crop. The worst has to be “Make me Frankie from The Saturdays; be individual. #That is all.

Who do you rate in the Hairdressing world?

Adam: Me of course hahaha

Jon: Guido Palau. (Again Princess Retail is stumped! Take a look at this link for more info.

What is your opinion on hairdressing shows such as Britain’s Best Hairdresser?

Adam: No comment.

Jon: I feel it is a bit of a shame for the hairdressers on the show. They are sometimes made to look idiots of and yet they can and generally are very good hairdressers. But just watching a good hairdresser, style a good hair style with a good outcome would not make interesting TV.

What is the worst hair faux pas you have come across in Manchester?

Adam: Zebra stripes of blonde and brown. It was 5pm and due to head out of the door; however I felt that bad I stayed late and helped the young lady. Now she has fabulous Princess hair and is actually the envy of most of my clients!

Jon: The Rod Stewart Style! I have seen the so much in Manchester (Adam nods!), short and spikey at the top and long hair at the back?! Mullets additionally *wag of finger*

Who in your opinion is Manchester’s Finest hairdresser?

Adam & Jon: Having worked with many of Manchester’s Hairdresser’s from various brands we have encountered some very talented people and some epically not! We think the main thing that makes a good hairdresser is that although you may work for a large, fantastic brand; keep your individuality and step out of the box on creativity. Also someone that actually listens to their client (skip to previous Zebra Stripe hair-style; clearly not listened to at earlier hairdressers.

Adams Final Words of Wisdom:
Effortless doesn’t come at the cost of an excellent hair dry or trim, so make sure although we recommend the Parisian “Got out of bed look”, don’t neglect the essentials to fabulous hair! You need to have great products, great colour and a fabulous hair dresser like me or Jon!

Jons Finest Pearls of Wisdom:
For the biggest impact opt for minimum effort! Do not over style your hair (Looks at Princess Retail in tight WAG-ish curls!) I advise on a perfect blow dry or braiding; done loosely and messed with fingers to give that effortless, chic look.

So my beauty bunnies! I hope this all help you amble your way through the hair styles, shapes and colours of 2011! If you would like to arrange appointments with any of the boys then please feel free to contact Princess Retail; after all they are Manchesters Finest!


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