Capri's Cucina Italiana

Intimate Italian restaurant specialising in fish and seafood, inspired by a paradise isle

Capri's Cucina Italiana
44 King St W, Manchester, M3 2GQ
0161 960 0034

Monday: 12–11 pm
Tuesday: 12–11 pm
Wednesday: 12–11 pm
Thursday: 12–11 pm
Friday: 12–11 pm
Saturday: 12–11 pm
Sunday: 12–10 pm

Floating carefree in the Tyrrhenian Sea, just off the Sorento Peninsula at the southern edge of the Gulf of Naples, Capri is one of the most beloved and sought after destinations in Italy. Blessed with a warm and inviting climate year-round, the island has been welcoming visitors since the Romans first began using it as a resort in which to relax and recharge. And, despite the arrival of mass tourism decades ago, the pace of life is still slow on this bonafide paradise. Inspired by this, Capri’s Cucina Italiana looks to celebrate the best dishes and recipes from its namesake, with seafood a priority. 

Situated on charming King Street West, where a wealth of great restaurants have established a real foodie corner, this eatery makes a great first impression with an open-armed welcome in-keeping with the old country tradition, and a predominantly blue colour scheme nodding to the seas that surround Capri. Run by business partners Giovanni and Frida, who together have worked in hospitality for many years, together they made a decision to throw everything they had at this shared venture, placing the focus on the freshest ingredients and a relaxed but sophisticated atmosphere. 

On the menu, customers will find a great selection of classics, including an impressive pizza menu with pies made using fresh dough daily and toppings taken straight from the Italian playbook, albeit often with contemporary twists. Fish is probably the biggest overall selling point, though, with catch of the morning arriving a few hours after it makes landfall, hence the incredible flavour on your plate. Cosy and familial, alongside the excellent cuisine Capri’s Cucina Italiana is renowned for its intimacy, which invokes long evenings spent indulging in mouthwatering offerings at quaint Mediterranean eateries. A remarkable feat given all this is happening smack bang in the centre of modern Manchester.