Specialist coffee spot with Italian delicacies, with excellent cocktails and wines served long after dark.

Discreet but oozing confidence would be one to to describe Haunt. Situated on Peter Street, one of Manchester’s landmark thoroughfares, this independent establishment is a must-try for specialist coffee lovers by day, who can also sample the incredible Italian pastries and cakes. As evening draws in it makes like the continentals, going full blown Aperitivo bar. Better yet, it’s got the interior looks to pull it off, with monochrome chequered flooring, modernist fittings, and a fine selection of 20th Century cubist and bauhaus-style art prints.

Scene suitable set, every inch of the address feels polished and these standards continue through to the produce on sale. Opening on weekdays from 7.30AM, it has naturally become a popular spot for remote workers looking to spend their day in elegant surrounds, with free WiFi and locally sourced goodness from artisanal suppliers on offer. Accompanying the early crew at Haunt are staples like granola, sourdough toast, smashed avocado toast and breakfast ciabatta, alongside more exotic combinations like the Nduja hash with smoked pancetta, or Portobello + Scamorza (mushrooms and smoky mozzarella).

If the morning options aren’t doing it, the gourmet sandwich range every afternoon should, from lemon roasted chicken and herb aioli to mortadella, fennel salami, provolone and sun dried tomato. Both menus are served until 4PM, at which point things switch up a gear. The range of antipasti is great, although it’s really all about the sfincione. Known as the original Italian pizza slice, Haunt’s range is reassuringly simple and incredibly well done. Roasted Artichoke + Romesco, anyone? Suitably sated by now, the drinks beckon, which have just as much heart, love and spirit poured into them. Happy hour runs daily 4-8PM, and at any time of the evening cocktails to try include the Limonito — combining mint and limoncello — and the Chocke and Mirrors (bourbon, Cocchi Di Torino, Fragola).