Sorting places

Beatin Rhythm Records

Treasure trove of vinyl records specialising in Northern, modern, funk and rare soul

Wine & Wallop

Wine bar with eclectic all-day dining menu, local beers, and two-for-one specials through the week.

Chips @ No.8

Award-winning fish and chip shop using the freshest ingredients and famed for their beef-dripping fries

Village Greens

Community-owned organic co-op offering sustainably sourced produce, artisan deli items, and eco-friendly refills.

JS On The Corner

Revamped kosher eatery serving classics and modern twists like deep-fried pastrami wraps.

Kosher City

Kosher City is the first and only kosher supermarket to offer online service

Nonna’s Delicatessen

Prestwich eatery serving authentic Italian cuisine and coffee with an in-house shop

Grape To Grain

Off-Licence with a difference, global selection of wines, beers, and spirits, savoured in-store or taken home.

Triple B

Halal New York-style bagels, loaded with salt beef and pastrami, alongside goofie fries and milkshakes.

All The Shapes

Two-floor bar meets arts space, with a dog-friendly garden. Craft, culture, and community combined.

The Goods In

Industrial-chic cafe-bar serving rotating guest-chef brunches, craft beers, and curated cocktails, with a vibrant outdoor space.
exterior photographs of  Three Bakers Prestwich

Three Bakers

Prestwich eatery offering tasty Kosher food served in a friendly atmosphere

Kosher Deli

Kosher butcher offering a wide range of prepped meats, deli favourites, and ready-made meals.


Prestwich bar and restaurant serving contemporary Latin American-inspired cuisine with exquisite cocktails

Keg, Cask & Bottle

Neighbourhood beer haven with vibrant array of local brews and a tasting room for leisurely sips and chats.

Tuk Tuk

Thai, Chinese and other flavours from the East in one restaurant doing everything from Thai curry to Korean wings.

Let’s Fress

Family-run kosher delicatessen providing fabulous homemade food


Authentic Lebanese fare in a warm, Middle Eastern setting. Extensive menu, BYOB, and a story of culinary passion at its heart.