Stretford Canteen

Cosy bistro where the spirit of Beaujolais lives on in classic French-British dishes.

Stretford Canteen
118 Chester Rd, Stretford, Manchester, M32 9BH
0161 864 1911

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 5pm - 10pm
Thursday: 5pm - 10pm
Friday: 5pm - 11pm
Saturday: 12pm - 11pm
Sunday: 12pm - 7pm

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If you have a good memory, you might recall Beaujolais, a celebrated French restaurant that was an integral part of Manchester’s dining scene for 32 years until its untimely closure in the early 2000s. Its spirit persists, however, in Stretford, where Josephine Sandwith – daughter of the original owners of Beaujolais – along with her partner Dean, unveiled the French/British nose-to-tail eatery Stretford Canteen in 2022.

This establishment is distinct in the Greater Manchester dining landscape. It has the feel of the small, European-style local bistros that you would encounter in the nooks and corners of London. The atmosphere is warm, fostering easy conversation amongst the patrons. You can anticipate traditional dishes on the menu at Stretford Canteen such as Toulouse sausages with white beans and creme fraiche, given a lift with a vibrant green sauce, coq au riesling, and steak frites with béarnaise, all served on delightful vintage tableware. A curated list of desserts and cheeses round off the meal, perhaps accompanied by a modest glass of dessert wine. The wine selection, although concise, is thoughtfully chosen to complement the day’s menu.