Yards Store

Curated menswear blending heritage and streetwear brands.

Yards Store
13 Old Bank St, Manchester, M2 7PE


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Tucked away just off the vibrant St Ann’s Square, you’ll find the Yards Manchester store, conveniently close to the historic Cotton Exchange. This area has thrived on trading for an astonishing 700 years, making shopping an integral part of its very fabric.

Back in 2019, we proudly opened our doors in Manchester, driven by the ambition to curate an unforgettable collection featuring a perfect blend of outdoor and heritage brands, sprinkled with a dash of streetwear inspiration. Our store serves as a physical manifestation of our finest offerings, delivering that authentic shopping experience enriched with human touches.

In honor of the rich history that envelops us, our racks boast an abundance of hooded outerwear from esteemed names like And Wander, Goldwin, Gramicci, and more – meticulously hand-picked each season to keep you stylishly armored against the elements.

Footwear holds a pivotal role in any ensemble, as you well know. After all, you can sometimes brave the weather without a jacket, but never without reliable shoes. We’ve got you covered with an array of brands, ranging from the renowned New Balance and Mizuno to the timeless classics like Clarks Originals and Paraboot – an absolute treat for your feet.

As the seasons come and go, we make it our mission to gently evolve our offerings, presenting you with a delightful mix of tried-and-tested favorites blended with fresh and innovative styles.

So why not grace us with your presence? Pop in and say hello! We can’t wait to share our passion for quality fashion with you.