8 Places to do Yoga in Manchester

Between ‘Northern Fail’ commutes, iPhone notifications and narcissistic bosses, we could all use a little time to chill out.

By Manchester's Finest | May 29th '18

The yoga revolution presents the perfect antidote to this busy metropolitan life we lead, promising that for one hour of your day it can transport you to the calming hills of India, refreshing your mind and stretching your muscles.

If you want in on some of this healthy-mind, healthy-body goodness, here are some of Manchester’s best yoga classes for you to try, some in rather unusual places.

The Life Centre
Situated on Deansgate, just opposite the Hilton, this is a great central location if you want to fit in some yoga before or after work. From beginner’s courses to pregnancy yoga, there really is something for everybody here.

The Life Centre, Office A1, 253 Deansgate Mews, Manchester M3 4EN


Cloud 23, The Hilton
You may associate Cloud 23 more with cocktails than work outs, but the famous high-rise bar is opening its doors once a week for an early sunrise yoga. Lasting an hour, you can welcome in the day with a downward facing dog over the view of Manchester, and still have plenty of time to get to work after! As only a small, and quite exclusive, class, pre-booking is essential.

Cloud 23, Hilton Manchester, 303 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4LQ


Manchester Buddhist Centre
Whether Buddhist or not, this gorgeously Zen centre offers yoga for beginners through to advanced, surrounded by Mr. Buddha and helpful information on other things like meditation. There is also the Earth Café on the ground floor to treat yourself to a healthy vegan cake before or after class… if it’s vegan its healthy, right?!

Manchester Buddhist Centre, 16-20 Turner St, Manchester M4 1DZ


Studio 25
For those of us with commitment issues, Studio 25 conveniently situated in the Northern Quarter, holds weekly drop-in classes. There’s a huge space so you won’t be fighting for a spot no matter how late you turn up, and with both afternoon and evening classes, this could be the perfect spot for a lunchtime escape if work gets a little too much!

Studio 25, 25 Church St, Manchester M4 1PE


The Crystal Maze
If you were a huge fan of the show and are thinking of trying out yoga, why not try it in the iconic Crystal Maze! The Manchester Maze will be hosting some June yoga sessions in the Aztec zone, an event that promises to be hilariously daft and an all-round great laugh. Limited tickets are available and pre-booking is required.



The Whitworth
If you would prefer to pretend, even if just for an hour, that you are no longer in the city, The Whitworth yoga is the escape you’re looking for. In a peaceful setting just down Oxford Road, the session overlooks the trees and grass of Whitworth Park so you can feel – as you slide into your Warrior II Pose – that you are in the tranquil countryside… until it’s time to go to work at least! The classes run every Thursday morning on a drop-in basis.



Manchester Yoga Central
If you have a particular ailment, the Manchester Yoga Central offer courses with some pretty specific focuses. Yoga for anxiety and depression, women’s womb yoga and even a yoga to restore your yin and yang (energy balance), this could be the treatment you need that isn’t prescribed by a doctor.

Manchester Yoga Central,Trafford Wharf Rd, Stretford, Manchester M17 1AB


Ashtanga Yoga
If you’re looking to get fully immersed into yoga life, Ashtanga Yoga not only offers regular weekday and weekend classes, but overnight retreats in the Lake District too! This is a great way to meet likeminded friends and take that all-important time out!

Ashtanga Yoga, Methodist Central Buildings, Central Hall, Oldham St, Manchester M1 1JQ