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Manchester-based Bearfaced Groceries – the independent online grocery retailer – is going back to its roots as it targets Mancunian food lovers with a vow to deliver the best quality, great value, fresh groceries conveniently to your door.


Headquartered in Trafford Park, Greater Manchester, Bearfaced Groceries provides customers with an online portal for fresh food to be delivered straight to their doors or their workplace using a ‘buy-to-order’ strategy. This means that stock leaves for the customer on the same day that it arrives from the producer – rather than languishing on supermarket shelves or in storage depots.


The company has now teamed up with fitness expert and former Liberty X star Michelle Heaton and nutritional chef Dale Pinnock for its national rollout.

Philip Edge, managing director of Bearfaced Groceries, has joined former school friends Barry Hymanson and Adrian Sullivan to start Bearfaced Groceries. The trio went to school together and have taken the plunge to launch the venture.

Philip said: “Bearfaced is about giving consumers a choice. We’re providing fresh, restaurant-quality ingredients to time-poor, nutrient-craving food lovers who are fed up with the status quo.

“We really believe that Bearfaced Groceries is going to lead the way for consumers to change their shopping habits and the response from Manchester residents has been encouraging so far – it sounds like we’re what they’ve been waiting for.

“We’re ecstatic to be able to roll the service out to the rest of the country but we will never forget where we are from and we want to service the people on our doorsteps. Nearly all of the fresh product is sourced in the North West so consumers are really getting the best of what the region has to offer”

Bearfaced Groceries’ along with their ambassadors hope they will encourage people to forget fad diets and focus on honest, good-quality food.

Dale said: “It’s wonderful to see a grocery retailer that celebrates healthy produce from local suppliers. Nutritional information in supermarkets can be very misleading – Bearfaced gives people an opportunity to make informed decisions and educate themselves on the benefits of real, natural food.”

Michelle added: “As a mother, eating healthily as a family is extremely important to me and being able to order from a service like Bearfaced can make all the difference – most people are time-poor these days and knowing I can come home and use fresh, high-quality ingredients is fantastic.

“I think consumers have been waiting for a service like this and I’m thrilled to be part of it.”

In addition to supplying direct to consumers, Bearfaced is seeking to supply other businesses, such as nurseries, to ensure children are enjoying a healthy, balanced diet to help improve attention span, productivity and general well-being.

Bearfaced is also working with UK suppliers to fly the flag for local produce.Northwich-based Joseph Heler Cheese was one of Bearfaced’s first suppliers. George Heler, head of the family-run business, said: “Bearfaced makes perfect sense – the business puts us directly in touch with people that really care about food. It’s very much in line with our mission of getting our products from farm to fork as efficiently as possible.”

The company also works alongside producers such as Neve Fleetwood, Creamline Dairies, Morning Foods, Hammonds of Knutsford, and Longley Farm, as well as smaller farmers and grocers, and is currently looking to expand its range of UK-based suppliers.

As part of the national launch, Michelle and Dale have filmed a series of videos, introducing consumers to the brand and showing them how to make delicious meals using Bearfaced Groceries’ produce. Dale has also created a 28-day healthy eating plan for consumers planning a nutritious start to the New Year.

First time customers also get 25% off with code Healthystart

For more information, or to view the videos and recipes, please visit



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