Book a Couples Massage at Home to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Secret Spa is offering a couples massage from the comfort of your own home this Valentine’s.

By Emma Davidson | 11 February 2022

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Even though Valentine’s Day may be a massive marketing ploy, it’s a really good excuse to treat yourself, your pals, your other half or anyone else that might make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

If you can’t be bothered wandering around Home Bargains in search of a boring box of Ferrero Rochers, or can’t stand sitting opposite couples necking on over a pizza and a bottle of cheap champaz, then Secret Spa have got the deal for you!  

This Valentine’s Day, you can reconnect, wide down and treat yourself, as well as your other half with an intimate night at home. 

For a limited time only, they’re offering couples massages – at yours, at theirs or at the hotel. Start the evening off by pouring yourself a glass of wine, or mixing a cocktail and end with a massage side by side with two of Secret Spa’s most experienced therapists. 

You can choose from any of the massages on Secret Spa’s menu, and to book your couples massage you need to get in touch with Secret Spa’s concierge team by dropping them an email at

Prices start from £90 for two and the deal is available until 28th February 2022

As well as the couples massage, you can also get yourself date ready by booking a manicure at home, and Secret Spa’s nail technicians are offering bespoke nail art, too, if you fancy being extra soppy and wearing your heart on your nail…or whatever they say.

If you’re booking for Galentines, Secret Spa are also offering 20% when you book two or more massages consecutively! Use the code VALENTINETREAT to redeem the discount and enjoy an evening of luxury with your best pals to remind yourselves that you don’t anyone but you!

This alternative Valentine’s offer is great if you’re up for de-stressing in the comfort of your own home after a row with your other half, because, let’s face it, it’s what we all need after a big argument over the dishes.