Do you have the skills to stop the missile strike? Find out at Breakout Manchester!

Time for another cheeky preview at one of the Town Hall Breakout rooms and this one will have you deep behind enemy lines with a peppering of good old-fashioned espionage.

By Steven Pankhurst | 15 February 2019

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Can you go deep behind enemy territory and stop a missile strike which endangers the safety of the entire world?

There are 60 minutes before launch, you need to break into the control centre and stop the launch, or the consequence will be catastrophic.

This room is the sequel to the Reclassified game which you can play at the High Street Location in Manchester- which has you sitting your final spy exams.

It is a good idea to try the Reclassified Blue or Green before you plat Sabotage- but it isn’t imperative.

This room has a full 5-star difficulty rating so do not be surprised if you and your team do not make it out. It is a toughie but has some great, unique and ingenious puzzles that make the room very special indeed.

I would say the more, the merrier on this one too- you will need the help!

Breakout Town Hall: 14 a Brazennose Street, Manchester M2 6LW
0161 839 8012