Find Your Perfect Lip Shade with Estée Lauder's Lipstick Counter and Interactive Camera at Selfridges

Have you ever wondered what colour lipstick you were born to wear?

By Manchester's Finest | 2 November 2018

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Unless you are a lady from the 1950’s who once had their ‘colours done’, most women out there haven’t got a clue about what colours they actually suit.

Take me for an example – I am a redhead who is often pointed in the direction of bright Hollywood reds on my lips when in reality they make me look less like Julianne Moore and more like Casper the friendly ghost.

For a long time, I thought there isn’t a method to what colour you suit on your face… but I have since then learnt that I am wrong…

Right now at the Selfridges Trafford Beauty Hall, Estee Lauder is using cutting-edge technology to find you your perfect shade of lippy. They are then crafting those lipsticks in store for you to take away and use until the end of time.

The experience begins with a digital mapping of what colour you suit where you will go on to choose the exact tone you like (with help and advice from the friendly Estee Lauder staff.)

Next, they pick that pigment, melt it down on a hot plate, and allow you to add lighter or darker tones to make that perfect shade. They then cool it rapidly, and make the liquid into three lipsticks in your perfect shade – so you have enough to last you a lifetime!

They will even let you come up with a unique name for your lipstick and allow you to etch that name onto the side of the case to make it entirely yours.

While you wait, you will also receive a mini-facial and a mini-makeover with plenty of goodies to take away with you. The girls will also apply your new lipstick for you so you can leave feeling like a million bucks!

This experience comes in at £81 – a small price to pay for three luxury lipsticks matched to you perfectly. With Christmas coming up, this makes a fantastic gift for beauty obsessed loved ones too.

Ladies, I urge you to go out and find your perfect colour as soon as possible- I assure you and your beautiful lips will never look back!

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