I had 2 weeks to find my perfect fitness class at BLOK Manchester

To kick off the year, Blok challenged us all to 'Find Your Movement' so I stepped up and took one for the team...

By Alex Watson | 10 February 2020

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Throughout January, like most people, it meant getting back on the fitness train. I hadn’t fully fallen off and in actual fact, I was going to more classes religiously each week than I ever had done, but I’d boozed a lot over Christmas.

The classes I do are all pretty similar, standard classes and I rarely branch out from the norm. 

Blok has upwards of 50 classes to try, from Animal Movement to Barre and plenty of different yoga classes in between. With that being said, looking at the time table can be a bit daunting, especially if you’re just getting into fitness.

That’s exactly why BLOK created a challenge for January to ‘Find Your Movement’. This gave us the opportunity to try as many classes as we had time for and see which was our favourite. 

From the 2 week challenge there was one class that I have since found myself craving and definitely booking on since and that is Power Yoga. 

Blok has plenty of classes and the Boxing and Fit classes are definitely worthy of your time. But what amazes me the most about Blok is the abundance of different Yoga classes.

There are around 20 different classes and some even have the option of doing shorter versions for when you’re stuck for time. 

This class is probably built, I’ll be honest, for people with slightly more yoga experience than myself. But I chose it to push myself and see just how hard yoga could really be.

Well, the answer is pretty hard. Power Yoga is faster than any other yoga I’ve done before and requires more concentration. But it was this that I liked. More often than not I stress myself out as the yoga instructor tells you to switch off your brain because I just can’t do it.

I end up thinking about what’s for tea or something else equally boring. But the speed of this class and remembering the flow as you continue to work through it keeps your brain engaged and focused solely on what you are doing within those four walls.   

So gone are any thoughts of stress or worry for anything happening outside of Blok. 

Above how this class helps your brain to relax, I actually felt after just 3 classes physically stronger and definitely more flexible. 

It makes me excited to go to the next class. I’ve quickly realised this one is popular, and you definitely need to book on well in advance. 

Safe to say I found my movement with Power Yoga and have advised everyone I know to try it.

If yoga isn’t for you – I would definitely advise the BlokFIt classes. They sound a lot harder than they are but there’s plenty of opportunities to adapt to your skill level. Whether that’s the weight you chose or whether you do pull-ups with band assistance or not.

How hard you push yourself in these circuit classes is completely up to you. I’d say grab a mate for a bit of light competition and you’ll probably find yourself pushing harder.

New customers get a 30 day unlimited trial for £100, single classes are £15.

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