Got a Lot of Lav-a for this…

I know I know….the puns are getting worse but got your attention didn’t I! When it comes to massages well I am pretty loyal to the deep tissue, mainly because my back resembles something that wouldn’t look out of place in the Peak District. Also, it’s one of the few ones that has really made a difference to my physical and mental health. It probably stems from the fact I went from a 5’2” none descript kid to 5’9” within a blink of a Summer holiday so never got used to the extra limbs flailing around, and also because I can’t seem to sit at my desk without trying to be some form of contortion typist. So when it was suggested to try Lava Shell massage I wasn’t sure what to expect, in fact, I knew absolutely nothing about the treatment, so I kept an open mind.

The treatment involves polished porcelain shells being filled with a gel and powder which causes a chemical reaction, heating the shells after 5 minutes. Then different massage techniques being used on different areas on the body so for example, the ankles will be treated differently to the back, making it perfect for sports injuries! I had the lovely, physiotherapist, Nash who treated me. He explained that, what would take him 50 strokes to warm the muscles, and in essence to get to the deep rooted knot or injury in the muscle, it takes just one with the heated shells!


Some of you might think they would possibly get a little too hot, but it was one of the most soothing, satisfying, experiences from a massage I have ever had. Being someone who likes the slight pain of knowing the knots are being worked on I was sceptical about this but it still felt really affective. I had been really struggling with my lower back that day feeling really tight but the heat and massage combined completely loosened me up. Just think of it when you warm your muscles up before an exercise….it stops you from getting stiff and, well, injuring yourself.

If you are a too squeamish to try a colonic, this treatment is perfect for an abdominal massage as a none tube inserting version, perfect for lymphatic drainage as well not only that it can be used as a facial treatment to leave your skin gleaming.

Look if you are a loyal deep tissue advocate like me then it won’t replace that with the firm work through, but I would definitely recommend this as an interim massage or definitely if you have an injury or for a facial….lovely stuff!

Nash is a fully qualified, insured and certified Physiotherapist MSc, HCPC MSCP and I can’t recommend him enough, Jennie who owns the Spa regular client so he must be good! Book in with him by calling 0161 819 2465 or 07919960811.

Enjoy £20 off Lava Shell Massage until the 31st July quote ‘Manchester’s Finest’ when making a booking!

Spa Satori, 112 High Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1HQ
0161 819 2465



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