Brazilian Blow Dry

The Brazilian Blow dry is better then any pair of irons/ straightening balm or control serum.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 12 September 2011

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Since the craze of GHD and ultra sleek hair who ever thought we see the modern girl about town putting them away and swapping them for the most talked about service, The Brazilian Blow dry.

The Brazilian Blow dry is better then any pair of irons/ straightening balm or control serum leaving the hair super smooth and nourished. This treatment works by adding Keratin into the hair that has been lost from heat and chemical treatments, Keratin is naturally in our hair skin and nails keeping them strong.

Depending on your natural hair texture will determine the effect at the end of the service, for naturally curly hair the service will smooth and soften curls, perfect for holiday season for anyone who suffers from Monica hair. For those people who have a soft wave their hair the can expect a smooth sleek result.

The treatment will first start with a shampoo and rough dry to clean and prepare the hair for the solution to be added, this also allows your stylist to look at your natural texture and decide on the solution needed. The keratin treatment is then left on for 30 minutes and the chemical is then blow dried into your hair.

To seal the keratin, the hair is straightened with keratin straighteners leaving the hair looking glossy and smooth.

The hair cannot be blow dried for four days so a can of dry shampoo will be the must have product for the following few days, ensure you are advised by your stylist for aftercare products as some may remove the keratin from the hair.

After the four days and endless amounts of dry shampoo the hair can be washed and left to dry natural to see amazing results depending on the natural hair texture before the service a quick smooth over with the irons may be needed, for those blessed with a natural soft wave a sleek result will be visible as the hair dry’s.

Ensure you are advised well in your consultation on a realistic end result everyone’s hair is different and enjoy not only the smooth glossy result but 30 more minutes to decide on what to wear in the morning.

Service available at David Rozman Manchester.


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