Craig Budgen Xmas Fitness Tips

We spoke to the Manchester based fitness Guru and he thinks everyone is capable of losing a few pounds before the Xmas Party

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 27 April 2017

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With less than a month to Xmas day, many of us are thinking about getting ready for the festive season and losing a few pounds before the staff ‘do’. But is there really a quick fix at this stage to drop a few inches or should we all just cave in and reach for a mince pie?

Craig Budgen, celebrity personal trainer and nutritionist believes there are definitely 10 tips to minimize weight gain and put you on the road to fat loss. Craig has worked with numerous actors and models to get them in shape in less than 4 weeks for filming or photo-shoots.

We spoke to the Manchester based fitness Guru and he thinks everyone is capable:

“It’s easy to just let eating spiral out of control as soon as we hit December 1st but that isn’t the green light for the festive feasting to start. By being aware of what you are eating in the lead up to Xmas it will mean you have less pounds to shift in the New Year rather than gorging non stop and doubling your possible weight gain.”

Craig recommends these 10 simple steps to getting ‘Xmas ready’:

1. Be organised with your food
2. Drink alkalised water
3. Sleep (7-9 hours per day, unbroken)
4. Have breakfast every day
5. Keep any ‘treat’ foods for the period of time directly after you exercise
6. Limit your grain and sugar intake
7. Assess your body composition regularly
8. Find a form of exercise that you enjoy-it does not need to be an intense workout, it could be brisk walking outdoors or a swim.
9. Set yourself manageable goals from the start
10. Be accountable (work with a professional or a friend to keep you on track and motivated)