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I shall take down anyone in my path at Selfridges should anyone step in my way of having this.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 12 September 2011

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As someone who can walk into Boots and spend most of my pay-cheque within a moment of madness on health and beauty buys, it is inevitable that my mind (and fellow princesses) often wander onto the latest beauty trends, as well as the top products that will make me look oh so fine and sassy.

The usual format of finding the top products will consist of the lazy Sunday afternoon with said Princesses at Alchemist, accompanied by a cold glass of Rose and gossip galore. Following much research I have this month’s top beauty buys for Manchester’s Finest.

Those “must have now” products.

Those “I simply cannot leave the house without applying” products.

Those “I shall take down anyone in my path at Selfridges should anyone step in my way of having this” products.

With Summer Holidays approaching, the flights booked already to Marbella or somewhere further afield – where the sea laps on the beach (I can taste the pina colada on the beach already!) – the last thing any princess (or prince for that matter) wants to do is arrive in front of tanned beauties with a not-so-sassy British tan. Fear not MF’s, having interviewed several friends and colleagues, tried many a St Tropez product amongst many others, I have found THE instant tan you just need!

Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid

Firstly MF’s don’t be fooled by the product name “Self Tan”, this is a dual function tan with a cosmetic bronzer added; therefore it provides an instant glow that keeps on giving throughout the day and night. I find one of my struggles with fake tan has been the durability. Even the slightest splash of water/fizz and I find even the most expensive of St Tropez still “spots” and creates streaks and white marks. Fake Bake Flawless is different! It has excellent durability and is even accompanied with a holiday, coconut fragrance. You will be thinking you are on the beach sooner than expected! And fear not MF’s this product comes with a silky smooth (velvet like) mitt for easy application and avoidance of those shameful fake tan hands!

(Product can be found in Harvey Nicholls & Debenhams)

My second product is the ultimate in skin care. Many of my fellow princesses have forked out their royal pennies on moisturisers that cost a small fortune, only to be left with the same skin and a hole in their Prada purses! However after several hours of debate and research between the girls we may have just found THE product. I remember the revelation that occurred following the discovery of products such as Touche Eclat & Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream – this product could join them in the beauty hall of fame.

Soap & Glory When You Wish Upon A Jar

When I hear words such as Collagen & Diamond Spheres my princess ears prick up! The cream is mainly used for a 21 day “overhaul” of your skin helping smooth fine lines, brighten tired skin and hide imperfections. However MF’s have been informing me it has many uses further to the 21 days. Fantastic as an under eye cream, giving you an immediate eye lift – couple this with cold metal spoons on the eyes and gone are the days of your bosses discovering you had one too many Bellini’s last night!. Equally the ladies have been mixing the cream either with a tinted moisturiser or even their foundation giving a glowing, fresh faced, healthy appearance! Additional reviews of the product show fantastic results, with women of the nation singing nothing but praise for this product! I think I’ve made my point.

(Product can be purchased from ASOS.COM, Harvey Nicholls & Boots)

Moroccan Hair Oil

In my group of Princesses our locks are all completely different, from bleached blonde to highlighted to hair extensions. We all have a common goal; silky smooth, shiny & healthy hair. Having tried a million serums, a dozen hair-care masks and treatments, there may now be a product to answer our prayers at last! Rapunzels of Manchester meet Moroccan Hair oil! The product promises to revive tired hair whilst strengthening and conditioning at the same time. And further to my ladies reviews, it delivers! Giving you silky smooth hair whether over-processed or even just that little bit dry and in need of va-va-voom. Perfect for on the beach, prior to a night out, or even for a nice treat!

More on this here.

(Can be purchased online or ask our Manchesters Finest Hairdressers for details on Twitter @Adamstockton1)

If you have any beauty recommendations for Princess Retail then contact me on Twitter @Princess_Retail

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