TANtalising Beauty!

‘Fake Bake Hair and Beauty’, has launched and opened it’s doors to shoppers at Selfridges

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 27 April 2017

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The wait is over! ‘Fake Bake Hair and Beauty’, has finally launched and opened it’s doors to shoppers at Selfridges Manchester Exchange beauty hall!

A genuine beauty haven for all fake tan fanatics, the Fake Bake Beauty Boutique offers a wide range of the latest treatments from awards winning spray tans to fashionable party lashes, must have blow-dries to innovative facials, as well as exclusive packages for both men and women.

To mark the 2 day launch the UK’s leading self tanning expert James Read was invited to the store to check it out and also was on hand to offer a few tanning nuggets for anyone who was worried of looking like an extra from TOWIE or a David Dickenson reject!

We got 5 mins with the tanning master and here’s what James had to say…

MF: What are your top 5 tanning tips:
1/ Rub an ice cube over your face first before you apply self tan as it will stop your  pores from blocking.
2/ Exfoliate 24 hours before tanning and then 4 days after applying your tan to help  your tan fade more evenly.
3/ Moisturise as this will make the tan last longer paying special attention to the dry  areas like the hands, elbows, and feet.
4/ After applying your self tan use a make up brush with a little bit of moisturiser on  it to brush into the hairline, wrists, ears and jawline to even out a tan line. Think will  make it look a more natural and even tan.
5/ Use a tanning mitt to apply the tan. Latex gloves tend to tear the tan as you are apply which can result in streaks.

MF: What do you think of the Fake Bake Beauty Boutique?
James: The great concept about it is it’s that one stop for beauty. It’s an urban beauty trend that’s happening now-where you can get the whole look in a day and go out looking fabulous that evening. This is the first time a tanning brand has got involved in something like this. Everything you could want from a salon is under one roof!

MF: Why do we love a fake tan now and why are they so popular?
James: It’s now part of people’s beauty regime. It’s an all year round thing having a fake tan…and for some people, like with make up they won’t go out of the door without a tan. More people are stepping away from using sunbed or sitting in the sun. Not only have people wised up to the dangers of skin cancer, they are also worried about the ageing effects of sun damage. Fake Tan is more hydrating and looks great on the skin, it makes you looks healthy and more importantly you are not at risk of ending up with skin that looks like a handbag! It’s that whole celebrity culture now. We see celebs doing it and we also want to look that way-get that look.

MF: Which celeb gets their fake tanning just right?
James: I would have to say any of my clients! (laughs) Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Ellie Goulding. Cheryl Cole always looks fab with her tan, it’s very dark but she can pull it off. A lot of Hollywood celebs have fake tans regularly and you wouldn’t even think they do. The key to self tanning now is to make your tan looks like it’s real, look natural and look like you haven’t had it.

MF’s verdict: I tried the Fake Bake Beauty Boutique’s ‘Body buff and glow’ (£30) which was the perfect treatment to prep for a tan and left my skin feeling really soft, silky and smelling gorgeous. It was also quite a relaxing treatment as the exfoliator is massaged into your skin rather than roughly applied. I also tried the Fake Bake spray tan (£25) which proved a quick and hassle free way of tanning. The tan comes with a choice of shades from Original, Gold and Dark to suit your skin type and needs. I opted for the Gold shade, which is exclusive to the salon, and for the first time in my tanning experience I found it to be a tan that didn’t look fake. At first I was worried I wasn’t my usual standard of borderline TOWIE but to be honest this was more subtle and sun kissed PLUS it stayed looking good for the full week without annoying patches after 3 or 4 days of showering.


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