Tried & Tested - Clarins

We recently tried and texted Clarins Jubilee Hand and Nail Cream, giving hands and nails worthy of meeting the Queen

By Manchester's Finest | May 17th '12

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Products We Like: Tried and Tested Clarins: Hands and Nails worthy of meeting the Queen I've always been a huge fan of the Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment cream, it's one of the products I use consistently and religiously and always recommend. So when I found out recently via the lovely people at Clarins that Clarins UK are part of the Royal Warrant Holders Association I felt very regal indeed. More than any other part of the body, the hands are the most visible and the most exposed. In 1979 Clarins introduced a single product to meet this demand called Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, and since its launch it has been a consistent best-seller entirely through word-of-mouth and its own merit. It ranks No 1 in the UK, and invariably scores top marks in tried-and-tested features. During the Queens Diamond Jubilee Clarins will also be supporting the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) and to celebrate the Jubilee they have released a very special and limited edition 200ml version of the amazing Hand and Nail Treatment cream (double the size of the original and at £26 - a £12 saving its a bargain too). Key ingredients include shea butter to protect and revitalise, sesame oil extracts to provide protection against free-radicals and much-needed moisture, Japanese mulberry extract which helps minimise existing age-spots and myrrh extract to help strengthen nails. And to make you feel charitable as well as having royal worthy hands - £1 of every sale of the cream will go to the QEST. Available now from Selfridges.