The Hottest Brands from Manchester Right Now...

Born and bread in Manchester I couldn’t be prouder to call this city home. Even as a child, when a holiday rep in the Costa del Sol would query the usual ‘what’s your name and where do you come from?’ I would always be the first to answer.

By Manchester's Finest | August 2nd '18

If you call Manchester your home, these hotter than hot local brands are just for you. From the Northern Quarters independent stores to some bigger names that were dreamt up in this cottonopolis, these are the Manchester brands you can wear loud and proud…

Native Youth
One of the city’s most fashionable brands, Native Youth started in Manchester around 7 years ago and have since been spotted on the backs of many a celebrity or fashionista on red carpets around the world. Focusing on a mix of eccentric British heritage design techniques and fabric with simple, no-fuss Japanese tailoring, Native youth have secured themselves as a trendy, cult brand that constantly innovate.


Dead Legacy
Started and based in Manchester Dead Legacy takes its influence from Music, Culture and the new hype around Reality TV. This brand will give you high quality on trend pieces that will make you stand out from the crowd and get your mates telling you how great you look.


In The Style
The epitome of a bedroom brands, started from his room and now and massive brand. In the Style has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, helped out by social media stars and Charlotte ‘Geordie Shore’ Crosby’s rise to fame it’s now a global fashion brand.


Manchester Bee Co.
Started by the lovely Anita way before everyone started jumping on the Manchester Bee bandwagon, the Manchester Bee Co have been offering some amazingly designed products that are of the highest quality. They offer a wide range of Bee and Manc enamel badges, keyrings, t-shirts, mugs and art – most of which has been designed by Anita and her daughter Ashleigh.


Thunder Egg
Starting out in the infamous Affleck’s Palace back in 1990, Thunder Egg grew to opening their own shop on Oldham Street. Even though they don’t sell original designs, their window displays of quirky patterns and materials, as well as their wide range of oddities on sale have become pretty much ingrained in Northern Quarter life.


Boda Skins
If you have the dollar, a purchase from Manchester brand Boda Skins can have you looking like the rock star that you are deep down inside. Their leather jackets are hand crafted, still operating from the heart of the city, but they’ve managed to become internationally recognized by the likes of Cara Delavigne – mostly down to their classic biker jacker – the Kay Michaels. ‘Manchester-made, internationally cool’ as the brand likes to put it!


Affleck’s Clothing
Affleck’s is a totem for the independent heart and soul of Manchester’s city center, standing tall in the Northern Quarter for almost 40 years. Like many, I remember my trips to town as a teenage girl consisting of hours inside making all important choices on the colour scheme the bracelet I was going to make from the bead shop, or what badges would look coolest on my backpack before inevitably getting lost and not being able to find the way out. Even for teens now, this is a familiar story. On the first floor or online, you can buy official Affleck’s t-shirts and merch… but which shade will best match your Converse?!


Nadine Merabi
One from over the river here, Nadine Merabi is a brand that specialises in women’s evening wear – the kind of creations you’d find draped over a movie star at the Oscars. Unable to find that ‘perfect dress’ when going to special occasions, Nadine decided to start making her own using luxurious fabrics, elegant cuts and incorporating a Middle Eastern twist from her Lebanese roots.


Activewear is fast becoming a main stream staple of the fashion industry. Capitalising on this is Adanola that pairs workout gear with amazing style. Not only is it now important to look good out of the gym but it’s bloody important to look amazing working out in it too, especially with all these fit instagram models.


Maniere De Voir
As footballers become a lot more business minded they’re getting involved in a lot more than just managing a football team. Created by former England Under 20 international Reece Wabara Maniere De Voir has an amazing collection for both Men and Women. Definitely one to watch over the next year.


Classic Football Shirts
Set up by a couple of University of Manchester students, they don’t actually design or make these football shirts but what they do do is offer a staggering range of old school football shirts to the people of Manchester, sourced from random cupboards and drawers from all over the world. Do you want to buy the Fiorentina 1988 away kit? These guys will have it. How about the Oxford United home kit from 1971 with Wang Computers on the front? No problem.


Pretty Green
It doesn’t get much more Mancunian than Oasis, so by default – legendary Liam Gallagher’s label Pretty Green is as Manc as they come. Although slightly pricey, with a swanky shop on King Street to match, the Gallagher inspired paisley shirts – and bucket hats – are everlastingly popular with stereotypically Manc lads you’d find swanning around a music festival with a can of Red Stripe.


Blake Headley
Not strictly Manchester based (more like Blackpool) but Blake Headley’s spiritual home is undoubtedly this city and it’s people have been going crazy for this fantastic range of sheepskin jackets. Warmer than a dragon’s pocket, these jackets will not only keep you warm in those dark Winter months but they look bloody great too. One to watch.


Private White V.C.
With their own factory in Cheetham Hill, employing a range of skilled professionals who still stitch, cut, treat and design every piece that they produce. Unapologetically expensive, Private White VC clobber is made to last a lifetime and if there’s ever anything that goes wrong with it – you can take it back to the factory and they’ll sort it out for you. Their ‘Ventile Mac 3.0’ is pretty much the only raincoat you’ll ever have to own.


We Are Gntlemen 
For a locally designed, Manchester crafted, sharp fitting suit look no further than this dapper brand. They operate on a message of quality and ethics, and even have a partnership with Royal Manchester Children’s Infirmary!


The Couture Club
Perfect if you have a six pack, tattoos or both, Couture Club was started around 2015 in Manchester and has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. Started by Ross Worswick and Scott Shashua in the city, they always operated on the mantle – if you can’t find it…make it. If you’re a fan of reality shows on MTV – you’ll have seen this gear a lot.