What to do in Manchester now Love Island has Finished

Don’t pretend you haven’t sat transfixed for the past two months and are starting to worry a bit for your mental health now it’s all over.

By Manchester's Finest | 1 August 2018

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At the end of the day, we do go back to not caring one iota about the people we’ve jeered at, cried with, laughed at, hated and loved but if you’re struggling to wait another year for it to start all over again, because you’re just so loyal babe, then here’s a few suggestions of what you can do in Manchester.

I can’t bring the programme back for you, but I can help you fill the time a bit…

Go and meet Adam in History, Spinningfields
The rest of them will probably start making appearances soon but for the time being you can go and hear Adam Collard cry about how much he 'fell in love' with Zara whilst also chatting up around 16 randomers on the dancefloor trying to get his end away. See him in History on Friday 10th August. What is History? It's where Apersands used to be - remember?

History, Longworth Street, Manchester M3 4BQ


Book a Hot Air Balloon Ride
Just like Jack and Dani’s date - except without the Mallorca sunrise! Book a hot air balloon ride with Virgin Balloon Rides from City and Airport Helicopter in Eccles with 15 of your pals and soar over Greater Manchester - it’s a hell of a view!

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Buy a knock-off water bottle from Primark
As you may have seen while walking past their huge window displays, Primark have been flogging a load of Love Island clobber and accessories, including dresses with everyone's catchphrases on, towels and even water bottles. Get yourself in there, get your hand in your wallet and I suppose you can sit around the fountains in Piccadilly Gardens shouting “I’VE GOT A TEXT” at strangers.


Visit an Outdoor Pool
These exist just outside of Manchester, who knew! It’s definitely going to be hot enough next week to do so, but definitely not as glamorous, as you will have to wear a swimming cap at most of these. Still, there’s tonnes in Cheshire (Nantwich, Marbury) but you can also swim in actual water of the actual Salford Quays too!

Marbury Park, Comberbach, Northwich CW9 6AT


Book a Villa
No really you can! In the heart of the city centre or a bit further out, rent a villa and fill it with all your mates and I’m sure the same dramas will ensue as they did on the programme. To help you out we've collated the best hotels in the city, as well as our favourite AirBnB destinations. Perfect for you and your mates to get rowdy.

Manchester’s Best Air BnB’s

Manchester’s Best Hotels


Get involved in some Salsa
As everyone knows, the last episode saw our Love Island pals learn how to do a bit of salsa and so why not get involved too? Luckily there's plenty of places in the city centre (and beyond) to give it a try including every Wednesday at Revolucion de Cuba, Sundays at La Tasca and Didsbury Salsa at the Slug & Lettuce. It’s all very good fun.


Speed Dating
The rate you move from table to table will feel a bit like the rate people move on from each other in Love Island so if you're looking for a bit of action, give speed dating a try. We can't really guarantee any six-packs though! Your best bet would be Fast Love at Sakana over on Peter Street, and you can check the upcoming dates below:

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Cocktail Making Class
Unlike the islanders, you don’t have to mix these in your mouth (unless you want to of course). There's about a million different cocktail making experiences in the city, with most bars offering something (and Pedro's even offering a Pizza Making Class!). Our favourites include The Liars Club, Black Dog, Roc & Rye and Mojo - all perfect for getting mixed up and tipsy.


A Romantic Meal for Two
Of course, Love Island is and will always be about LOVE, so what better thing to do when it's not on telly than to actually spend some real, quality time with the people you love and not just slobbed out on the sofa in your PJ's. Of course there's a million options available in the city but this August Don Giovanni is 50% off it’s a la Carte menu - so you don't have to break the bank! So if you’ve found someone without having to go on a reality tv programme, take them and don’t even worry about the bill!

Don Giovanni, Peter House, 1-2 Oxford St, Manchester M1 5AN