If you’re looking for a great coat at the moment then look no further than the classic Mackintosh.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 27 April 2017

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If you’re looking for a great coat at the moment then look no further. Everyone has come to the realisation that the dull weather isn’t going anywhere soon, and even by Manchester’s standards, it’s been pretty grim up north. Luckily however the search may not take quite as long this year, the simple reason being that Mackintosh, fine purveyors of classic British outerwear have not only opened a new shop in Mayfair (on Mount St. if you fancy heading all the way down there), but they’ve released a few new gems with all the attention to detail and finesse you’d expect.

Being in Manchester, when it comes to Macintosh you have a couple of choices, Oipolloi or on-line. Oipolloi recently listed the Mackintosh Forrest Short Jacket Fawn, and in my opinion it is the finest jacket I’ve ever had the privilege to try on, it’s no wonder they’ve sold-out.

If Mackintosh is not your thing there are a few more options out there, Burberry as always have a couple of long jackets with finishing to die for and Aquascutum of course offer their classic ranges that cannot be argued with.