Rolex 2011

Next thing she’s wearing my Rolex…

Its time for 2011 wish list and what better way to start than with the Finest item money can buy for on your person.

The Rolex.

Many a lunch hour I have wandered past David M Robinson in Manchester, very Breakfast at Tiffany’s scene, longing after the gorgeous Rolex items in the window. Pop a black shift dress on me and croissant in hand and you may even mistake me for Audrey herself. Imagine the pang of jealously that ran through me when spotting on my little sister-lings wrist a £20,000 gorgeous edition of the time-less classic only afew short months ago.

After looking more thoroughly into the watches it has been brought to my attention they are not only for the Finest, but an “instrument” for deep divers, mountain trekers etc.

Take The Submariner for example. With a gorgeous design and able to withstand depths up to 100 metres, this is the ultimate time-piece for any underwater expert.

And for the uber Wag-abee/Princess, have a look at the Special Edition Datejust. Ridden with class and diamonds; this is certainly a statement watch and one that your Daughter, Grandchildren, Grand-childrens-children and pretty much any Finest Woman will be waiting in line for.

With various face options, various gadgets and the status of owning one of the beauty’s they are certainly making me want to take out a small loan immediately.

If you would like assistance picking the right Rolex for you see the Rolex website or pop into David M.Robinson, an old family favourite for Princess Retails Royal Family, aswell as one of Manchesters Finest stockists.

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