New Year, New You: The Best Gyms in Manchester to Join this January

You've eaten enough to feed a small country, and drank a few barrels of beer, but now it's time to get back into shape...

You’ve had an indulgent Christmas. Of course you have. I certainly have. I’ve put on about 2 stone over the last 4 weeks, so now is the time to start thinking about getting back into the gym and getting those abs back ready for the Summer.

Check out these places here in Manchester, the best gyms and health clubs to get you back into shape…

Devoted to CrossFit, Train is over in Castlefield, and is home to a form of high-intensity training, a strength and conditioning workout which emphasises the elements of load, distance and speed – all of which help you to develop high levels of power. Many of the workouts feature variations of squats, push-ups, and weight lifting that last for a predetermined amount of time to help build muscles. TRAIN run weekly FREE Taster Sessions so that you can find out what all of the fuss is about and whether it’ll help you lose that lockdown weight.

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The Olympus Projects
A brilliant new venture at NOMA just near Victoria Station, The Olympus Projects is run by former-MMA fighter AJ Akande who’s created a gym where you can train like a Greek God. Taking the simple principles of fitness and health set aside all those years ago, you’ll find yourself in Herculean Trials; conditioning that focuses on core and movement, or Labours of Atlas; helping to build strength and steadfastness. The Olympus Projects operates on a 6 week cycle, so you’ll always have something to work towards and are motivated to beat your personal best.
Memberships start from £65 per month…

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GSquared Health Clubs
Said to be the city’s “most innovative and advanced gym”, GSquared has finally opened their doors in the depths of the historic Royal Exchange Theatre building. CEO Andy McGlynn, a man who’s got more health and training qualifications than probably anyone else (including Mr Motivator), is leading with a “multi-faceted approach to fitness and wellbeing.” That means they pretty much look after every single aspect of your health, including the mental side, gut and posture. There’s some pretty advanced equipment in here, including an indoor peg climbing board, UV Saunas, indoor running track and a CV ‘garden’.
Memberships start from £95 per month…

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Tucked away in the stunning Ducie Street Warehouse in the Northern Quarter, BLOK is a class-based fitness studio with over 150 classes on offer each week and over 25 different concepts to choose from. Without those classes though you’ll still be able to use the up-to-date equipment and facilities, as well as benefit from the expertise of their 35-strong training staff.
Memberships start from £84 per month…

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TRIB3 (pronounced “tribe”) has brought its iconic workout experience to Manchester this year at Circle Square, just off Oxford Road. They offer 45-minute, high-intensity classes across a signature three-zoned studio which sees customers train across Treadmills, a free-weights Resistance zone and Intensity – home of the full-body burning AirBikes. Workouts are designed to be intensive, but inclusive – built on effort level and not ability.

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Hero Training
Located in the heart of the relatively new MODA Angel Gardens development, Hero have everything you need to get yourself back on track this January. They even have something that not even NASA Astronauts get to use – a CRYOCUBE – which will bring your body down to -140° in just a few minutes. I’ve been in it – it’s AMAZING.
Memberships start from £79 per month…

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Ultimate Performance
When you go onto the Ultimate Performance website you’re greeted with some seriously impressive makeovers – of some celebrities off the telly too no less! It took that Jason Grimshaw off of Corrie 12 weeks to get washboard abs, and as you go further down there’s LOADS more before and afters which will make you blink in amazement. This lot clearly take training seriously and the new year will be your chance to jump on the transformation bandwagon.
Memberships start from £120 per month…

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F45 Training
Big, bold and with 18 individual workout zones, F45 features all the top gear and knowledgeable staff you could ever want, and they even promise that  you’ll “never repeat a workout” – bold claims – perhaps it’s time you went to see if they can live up to them?
10 Class Pass starts from £150…

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Barry’s Bootcamp
Everyone knows or has heard of Barry’s Bootcamp. A juggernaut addition to hundreds of cities around the world, Manchester was graced with a Barry’s a couple of years back and thousands have flocked to ‘The Red Room’ to get a serious sweat on.
Memberships start from £170 per month…

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UP Fitness
Well if it’s good enough for Gemma Atkinson of Hollyoaks fame then it should be good enough for our sorry arses. Be warned, the trainers are renowned for being tough but if you want to see amazing and dramatic results then this is may be the gym for you.

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Bannatyne Health Club
Everything you need all in one without having to shove people out the way to use the treadmill. Bannatyne’s boasts a 20m swimming pool, an expanded weight area, a new functional training zone and full spa for a decent relax after your workout.
Prices start at £43.99 per month.

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Siren Asylum
Sorry lads but this gym is for women only. Lead by a team of female athletes, Siren Asylum aims offers body conditioning to twerking and is aimed at women who find men feigning at bodybuilding a bit too intimidating.
Prices start at £28 per month.

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This gym does what it says on the tin – you get all sorts of vibes at this gym on Dale Street which is like nothing we have ever seen before.  Music is the key to a great workout here where they even have a live DJ to get the blood pumping.
Prices start at £15 per class.

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