Pamper Pairs at Spa Satori

If anything I have learnt over the past few years is that good family and friends are the only consistent thing we have in our lives and it’s important to treasure and appreciate them warts and all just like they will for you (most of the time anyway). Appreciation can come in many ways such as buying them their favourite bag of sweets when feeling rubbish or sometimes a hug when they are on the verge of emotionally exploding is exactly what is needed.

My housemate aka the ‘wife’ deserved a treat from me for just being my rock and that little ray of reassurance that everyone needs, even a stubborn person as myself. Failing that a bottle of wine and a tune off session in the kitchen being available at the right moment. So we thought we would make the most of Spa Satori’s Pamper Pairs room and have a joint massage. We both were treated to a lovely Swedish massage which from a firmness point of view I would say is between a firm aromatherapy and deep tissue massage with more fluidity in the massages than a deep tissue. As you may have read in my previous blogs, I am an avid fan of the deep tissue (and lava shell), look I am just a fan of a massage! To get all technical on you, basically Swedish massage is based on the Western concepts of anatomy and physiology, and uses the traditional manipulative techniques of stroking, kneading, rubbing and percussion.

We had 55 minutes because half an hour is never enough, especially when you were as full of a cold as I was a massage is great for releasing all those toxins making you feel so ill…perfect for when all the lovely people in your office infect everything in a 2cm radius including yourself.

Why don’t you treat that friend who has been that ray of sunshine for you, why limit it to your friends…how about your loved one who has been your rock or your partner who is waiting for you when you get home from a bad day with a tub of ice cream and a cuddle. It’s such a lovely bonding experience and it not only made me feel good it made my wife feel great too….win win!

Spa Satori, 112 High Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1HQ
0161 819 2465



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