'The Hanging Gardens of Salford' - The City's New Plant-Covered Development!

Work continues at the English Cities Fund developments down at New Bailey & Salford Central...

By Ben Brown | 8 February 2021

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Things are certainly changing fast down over the Irwell at New Bailey and around Salford Central as a ruck of new developments are popping up and being approved in what is aiming to be a key gateway into the city.

A recent addition to the area is this new completely plant-covered scheme, which will comprise of 113,000 sq ft of office space set over 12-storeys – complete with retail and leisure space on the ground floor.

Designed by Make Architects, as you can see, the new building is covered almost entirely by plans, a façade that will aim to create “a strong visual connection to local green spaces as well as helping with carbon absorption in the city centre and improving general air quality.

It’s a very striking choice and will hopefully look fantastic – even with our notoriously cold and wet weather. Is there a need for more offices though? Especially in a post-COVID world?

Well, Leon Guyett, Development Director at The English Cities Fund, argues that “Despite the unprecedented times that we find ourselves in, we’re still seeing a demand for high-quality office space in the Greater Manchester region. At The English Cities Fund, together with our partners, we’re committed to building back better in a bid to delivering tangible sustainability outputs, as the city region drives to be net zero.”

Check back for more developments on buildings in the area as they pop up. Or you can head on over to Muse Developments for more info…

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