The Office with a Rooftop Garden and Gym - that's STILL more Cost Effective than Co-working Spaces

Co-working spaces might not be as cheap or flexible as you think...

By Manchester's Finest | 11 August 2020

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The modern office has been forced to change substantially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as millions of people slowly begin heading back to their workspace – the office they knew before March may have been lost forever.

One thing is for sure though, and that is that cost will still rule the roost when it comes to business decisions, probably even more so now than ever before. The cost-effectiveness of an office space must surely be at the forefront of many managers’ minds – especially if the business has suffered a downturn in business due to the pandemic.

Ways of reducing fixed and operating costs will increasingly be a big consideration as people head back to work from furlough or after working from home for a few months – and office space is something which could now be seen as surplus to requirements – especially in the short term as safety concerns and localised lockdowns become increasingly more common.

So what do you do? Do you downsize your office and get a smaller one? Do you move over to flexible working with a co-working space? Or do you make the plunge and be rid of the centralised office altogether?

Well, each case in point is different for everybody, but one of Manchester’s newest office suites has taken it upon themselves to do some of the maths for you – and you might be surprised with what they’ve discovered.

When compared to the city’s large co-working spaces, an office at Origin on Spring Gardens actually works out to be more cost-effective, with desk rental in city centre co-working costing as much as £575 per desk – the estimated cost per desk per month at Origin is only £333 (based on a minimum of 20 people sharing a 1,564 sq ft office).

Recent years has seen the price of co-working spaces and ‘desks’ skyrocket, and as such a more ‘traditional’ office space can actually be much more cost-effective for a company. On top of this, offices like Origin offer a more impressive list of features, benefits and COVID-19 safety measures for tenants which can really set them apart from the competition.

At Origin for example, businesses are provided with their very own office space, a space that is customisable and adaptable so you can create the perfect working environment for your team and business.

There are bespoke furniture packages, private meeting and ‘breakout’ modifications and a whole host of customisable features that you wouldn’t get if you simply hired ‘desks’ at a co-working space.

In addition to your office, all tenants also have free access to the on-site business lounge, The Club, which boasts various meeting rooms and work spaces, as well as free access to the Origin wellbeing facilities including a gym, shower and changing facilities, bike storage and of course – their stunning rooftop garden which is equipped with outside seating and some fantastic views of the city.

Post-lockdown and Origin has become totally COVID-compliant, with a range of new measures and social distancing regulations implemented throughout – both in shared spaces and within individual offices themselves. With the ability to fully customise your workspace, COVID safety measures are easy, meaning your office can be significantly safer than other office alternatives.

So even with so much change afoot within our day-to-day working practices, the most cost-effective and safe way to do things will still always win out – and it may be that an office at Origin is the best thing for you, your staff and your business.

Head to their site below where you can enquire and even take a tour.


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